WELCOME TO VSU: 2012 – 2013


The Vietnamese Student Union (VSU), established in 1977, is the official voice of all Vietnamese students at UCLA through its advocacy for the cultural, educational, political, and social welfare of the Vietnamese community at large.


VSU strives to provide long term solutions in the communities we serve by promoting social and political consciousness in the context of the Vietnamese American and global citizen. To emphasize necessity and personal relevancy, VSU aims to foster a safe, welcoming environment, improve cohesiveness within our organization, and strengthen our relations with other allies through active collaboration. By creating these stakeholder relationships, we are able to sustain our programs and projects from their investments and supports.


VSU Executive Board

President Roman Nguyen
Internal Vice President Anh Q. Nguyen
External Vice President Uyen Hoang
Retention Coordinator Caresse Vuong
Outreach Coordinator Justin Nguyen
Fiscal Coordinator Steven Pham
Administrative Coordinator Evelyn Tran

VSU Board

Social Affairs Coordinator Jesse Cao
Political Advocacy Coordinator Jessy Nguyen
Education Coordinator Johnny Tran
Culture Coordinator John Le
Public Relations Coordinator Julia Tran
Inter-Collegiate Council Representative Teri Nguyen
Webmaster Tammy Mac
Community Advocacy Coordinator Brian Vu


Project Director Layhannara Tep
Assistant Director Bounrod Xiong
Peer Counseling Coordinator Joelene Nguyen
Mentorship Coordinator Kristeen Chu
Wellness Coordinator Annie Kao
Transfer Coordinator Michael Tran
Administrative Assistant Jessica Lin
Peer Counselor Anh Van Nguyen
Peer Counselor Chris Vo
Peer Counselor Dora Vang
Peer Counselor Christina Lim


Project Director Saly Heng
Assistant Director Jessica Thach
Peer Advising Coordinator Johnny Trinh
Academic Development Coordinator Huyen Nguyen
Site Coordinator-Westminster High School Danh Lai
Site Coordinator-San Gabriel High School Tiffany Nguyen
Administrative Assistant Tiffany Chen
Parent Coordinator Terry Nguyen

4 Components of VSU: