Wanted: Projects HOPE and SEA CLEAR Are Hiring Staff!

We HOPE everyone’s summer has been fantastic, and we cannot wait to welcome everyone back for another amazing year with VSU! If you can SEA that you CLEAR-ly want to be more involved with VSU’s outreach and retention projects for the upcoming school year, you might want to check out some of these paid positions listed below. What better way to help out the Southeast Asian community with a non-profit, empower yourself, AND get paid at the same time?

VSU’s outreach project, HOPE, and retention project, SEA CLEAR, are currently accepting staff applications for the 2016-2017 school year! The success of these projects is due to the hours of hard work dedicated by volunteers and community members, and without them, the projects cannot exist. Play a bigger role in the VSU space by joining these projects as a student leader! Keep reading for more specific information regarding the open positions:

HOPE Administrative Staff

Positions Hiring:
Westminster High School Site Coordinator (1)
San Gabriel High School Site Coordinator (1)

Each SC is responsible for ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of site coordination with regards to site structure and student and volunteer flow at their respective sites (SGHS, or WHS). Additionally, the site coordinator will coordinate the site program/agenda, workshop or educational discussion, parent engagement and/or phone bank to outreach to students. Each coordinator will be responsible for ensuring that outreach is occurring, transportation is available and the availabilities of campus facilities. At the same time, each coordinator will also ensure that all the necessary tools, files and materials are available for staff access. The SC will be responsible for monitoring staff performance and attendance to site, locating campus and community resources, as well as building relationships with site and community contacts at their respective site.

Parent Coordinator (1)

The Parent Coordinator is responsible for organizing, facilitating and leading the parent component. The PC will create and implement the Parent curriculum with the guidance of the Project Director. The PC will serve as a liaison between HOPE and the parents of HOPE students. The responsibilities and duties include but are not restricted to tracking student and parent information, coordinating phone calls and house visits, and working with the Peer Advising Coordinator to help plan events and outreaching for parent investment (i.e. Parent Open House, and Parent Workshop). The PC will work closely with the SC’s to ensure that the parent component is relevant to each site, and work with the ADC to help bridge understanding of education to parents and issues that impact students.

We are looking for driven and motivated individuals dedicated to promoting access to higher education for the Vietnamese community. Make a difference by working with HOPE student staff and servicing disadvantaged students in Los Angeles and Orange County. This is a wonderful opportunity to step up to a leadership position and give back to your community. The positions are also beneficial for anyone pursuing education or Asian American studies.

About HOPE: The Higher Opportunity Program for Education (HOPE), a student-initiated outreach project established and supported by the Vietnamese Student Union at UCLA, promotes access to higher education for high school students, particularly those who are underserved and underrepresented. The creation of HOPE marks a proactive effort by the VSU to empower the Vietnamese community, which has historically been overlooked by the educational system. HOPE targets at-risk students in Westminster High School in Orange County as well as San Gabriel High School in Los Angeles County. HOPE exists to raise consciousness of higher education, and promote academic, leadership, and holistic empowerment, as well as self-sufficiency through counseling, mentoring, tutoring, connecting with parents, workshops, community services, fieldtrips, and high school conferences. For more information on the services HOPE offers such as peer mentoring, academic development, and collective development, visit the HOPE page by clicking here.

APPLICATION DUE: 11:59 P.M., THURSDAY, July 21, 2016
INTERVIEWS DATE: August 1st-4th

If you are interested in the position, please feel free to contact Evelyn Tran, HOPE Project Director at etran@cpo.ucla.edu or An Ha, VSU Outreach Coordinator at an.ha2013@gmail.com. You can also visit the HOPE Office in the Student Activities Center, Suite 106D.


Positions Hiring:
Peer Counseling Coordinator (1)

The Peer Counseling Coordinator (PCC) maintains project effectiveness in its primary role: peer counseling. The PCC is responsible for maintaining dialogue with the project’s counselors to ensure the quality of peer counseling. The PCC facilitates the development of programs related to the Peer Counseling Component. Each quarter, the PCC will coordinate the Peer Counseling Development (PCD) curriculum to ensure the academic and holistic growth of peer counselors, which in turn facilitates the same development for students served. The PCC will help facilitate and ensure the project’s ability to meet its objectives through supervision, logistics, and tracking. The PCC will be counseling 7 hours per week with a caseload of 25-30 students per quarter.*

Assistant Director (1)

We are seeking a highly motivated undergraduate student who is familiar with or willing to learn more about Southeast Asian community conditions and their impact on the academic success, general well-being, and retention of Southeast Asians in higher education. The Assistant Director’s role is to assist in the development and maintenance of the SEA CLEAR project. The AD’s job responsibilities are complementary to those of the Project Director. The AD will also monitor, track, supervise, and facilitate the projects ability to meet outcomes and objectives. The AD plays an important role in the development of the staff and providing the necessary support to each component. The AD also serves as the coordinator for the Internship Program, which includes integrating a concrete Staff Assistant Program that will directly assist Project Staff. The Assistant Director will be counseling 7 hours per week with a caseload of 25-30 students per quarter.*

About SEA CLEAR: The retention project, Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education and Retention (SEA CLEAR), was founded in 1998 as a student-initiated, student-run effort established and supported by the Vietnamese Student Union at UCLA. SEA CLEAR, along with other student retention projects in the Student Retention Center, is committed to address the issue of student retention at UCLA through our holistic development philosophy. The project serves students from the Southeast Asian community, ranging from at-risk to dismissed students, from freshmen to transfers, to ensure that they are supported in their pursuits on-campus. We provide services such as peer counseling, mentorships, internships, study hall opportunities, writing success counseling, transfer support and other services to all students from diverse backgrounds. We promote self-sufficiency and leadership development through our resources, and we are truly excited for you to join our team. We are committed to 100 percent retention of all students at UCLA. For more information on the mission, history, and the five components of SEA CLEAR, visit the SEA CLEAR page by clicking here.

APPLICATION DUE: 11:59 PM, SUNDAY, July 24, 2016

If you are interested in the position, please feel free to contact Anh Q. Nguyen, SEA CLEAR Project Director at anguyen@cpo.ucla.edu or Lenh Voong, VSU Retention Coordinator at lenh_voong@yahoo.com. You can also visit the SEA CLEAR cubicle in the Student Activities Center, Suite 105.