VSU’s 33rd Annual High-School Conference Applications Have Opened!

HSC Families
HSC students gather around to meet their family heads at the 2015 conference.

The Vietnamese Student Union (VSU) at the University of California, Los Angeles is proud to announce VSU’s 33rd annual High School Conference (HSC), taking place on Saturday, November 19th, 2016 from 8AM to 8:30PM at UCLA.

VSU’s HSC aims to bring high school students and their parents from all over Southern California to promote higher education, educating students and their families in an informative yet engaging way on the multiple pathways to higher education.

You can make a difference! By being a part of the conference, you will have the opportunity to not only empower and educate high school students and their parents, but also to develop personal relationships with a diverse group of peers that go beyond the your participation in planning and executing this conference. There will be opportunities to share your own college experiences as well as learn about the experiences of others.

HSC 2016’s ultimate goal is to empower high school students – to develop their critical consciousness and ascertain that they are strong applicants for institutions of higher education. Programming this year will focus on the college application process, while also maintaining classic components such as workshops on current issues in the Southeast Asian American community (e.g., education attainment rates, identity, belonging, mental health), a talent show, student/alumni panelists, and keynote speakers.

Extensions: Please contact Christine Pham, Education Coordinator, for more information.

Co-Chair (2): Plan and lead weekly meetings with coordinators. Responsible for planning and executing developments for coordinators to facilitate their growth and development. Attends Workshop Facilitator and/or Family Head meetings, if applicable. Assists in drafting funding proposals. Attends additional weekly co-chair meetings.

Parent Co-Chair (1): Primarily responsible for the development and execution of HSC’s Parent Component. Plan and lead weekly meetings with coordinators. Responsible for planning and executing developments for coordinators to facilitate their growth and development. Attends Parent Workshop Facilitator meetings, if applicable. Attends additional weekly co-chair meetings.

This upcoming conference marks the fourth year for High School Conference for Parents. Although it is fairly new, the event has seen much growth over the past few years. Thus, members of the Parent Component Team will have an opportunity to make the greatest impact, carving a path that can help set the tone for future parent components and Parent HSCs.

As Parent Co-Chair, you will be responsible for a small group of coordinators and facilitators, focusing on tailoring High School Conference for visiting parents to help them better understand the college application process, multiple pathways to higher education, and general college life.

Applicants with strong creativity, organizational, and multilingual skills, especially in Vietnamese, are strongly preferred. Again, this is an opportunity to pave a vital path for future Parent Components, and we highly encourage anyone to consider joining this wonderful team.
PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING SECTION CAREFULLY. The following are expectations for those who would like to join our team:

1. Attend weekly chair meetings. Time and date TBD.
2. Plan and attend weekly coordinator meetings, likely to be on Tuesdays from 8PM-10PM starting Week 2.
3. Chairs should expect to spend a minimum of 6 hours a week on planning and development.
4. Chairs must be able to attend and stay for the entire duration of HSC, scheduled to be on Saturday, November 19th, 2016.

Questions, concerns, or comments? Please message:

Christine Pham
Education Coordinator
Email: cxqpham@gmail.com

Click HERE for the link to the application!