VSU Winter Week 8 Updates and Announcements

Happy Week 8!

Dying from too much stuDYING for round 2 of midterms? Don’t forget to give your body a break by attending the events of I ♥ My Body Week and then ending off your week with some delicious pho with VSU! And then sing all your frustrations out at karaoke 😉

If you are interested in meeting people from other API orgs, don’t forget to check out and sign up for the API Social Soirée coming up this weekend 🙂

VSU Pho and Karaoke Night!

Where: Meet at De Neve Turnaround at 7

When: Friday, March 1st, 7:00PM

Facebook: Click!

Love to eat pho? Love to sing? Love to eat pho AND sing?!?!? (not at the same time) Then come to VSU’s Pho and Karaoke Night this Friday!
Rides will be provided. Meet at De Neve Turnaround at 7 o’clock

We would really appreciate if you could help provide rides. We would appreciate it so much that we would give you a free bowl of pho if you provide rides! Please contact Jesse Cao @ tlcao93@gmail.com or at 7144038101

API Social Soirée

Where: Kerckhoff Grand Salon

When: Sunday, March 3rd, 6:00PM – 9:00PM

Facebook: Click!

API Social Soirée (“swa-ray”) 

We cordially invite you to our very first soirée, which is an opportunity to enjoy great food while meeting great people.  API Social Soirée is designed to be a special mixer for the different Asian Pacific Islander organizations on campus, where one can have the opportunity to meet people from NSU, VSU, Samahang, ACA, Pan-Asian Queers, APC, etc. We guarantee that it will be a fun and meaningful experience for you!

Simply bring your beautiful self, get ready to socialize, and enjoy… an amazing night filled with great food, good company, magical moments, and more!
PRICE: $15
ATTIRE: Semi-formal

There will be limited capacity so reserve your spot by signing up on the google doc below!

I ♥ My Body Week

For those who are interested in still staying FIT even throughout round 2 of midterms:

ILMBW Kickoff Activities include photo snap booth, featured art pieces; blackboard art for people to write on; other activities promoting appreciation of their body Monday, 2/25 11am-3pm, Bruin Plaza
ILMBW Movie Screening Screening of America the Beautiful, a documentary on America’s obsession with dieting and the issues with the BMI scale Tuesday, 2/26 Moore 100, 7pm
ILMBW Body Image in the LGBTQ Community This workshop is tailored for members of the LGBT community to explore and address body image concerns and how body image relates to one’s identity. Wednesday, 2/27 12-1:30-pm, LGBT Center
ILMBW Silent Rave with SCA. Participants will all be listening to the same playlist and lettin’ loose in Powell Library. The goal is for Bruins to appreciate the movement of their bodies, be comfortable expressing themselves and who they are. Wednesday, 2/27 7pm-8pm, Powell Library
ILMBW Corruption of Fitness in America Join SWC and FITTED for a presentation and discussion on the commercialization of physical activity. Take a look at why and how people “work out” and what effect the exercise industry and media has had. Wednesday, 2/27 6pm-7pm,  CAPS conference room
ILMBW Mindful Eating Workshops Do you think of foods as “good” and “bad”? Have you ever finished a meal then realized you didn’t really taste any of it? Are you in a constant cycle of dieting? SWC and UCLA FitWell invites you to learn how to eat more mindfully and establish a healthy relationship with food. Thursday, 2/28 12pm-1pm and 1pm-2pm, Wooden Main Conference Room
ILMBW Speaker Kjerstin Gruys, a UCLA alum and author of the book “Mirror Mirror OFF the Wall” will be speaking about her experience of not looking into a mirror for a whole year and promoting the idea that we are than the size of our clothing or what society imposes upon us. Thursday, 2/28 7:30pm, Ackerman Grand Ballroom
The Anti-Fashion Show This fun fashion show featuring student made costumes will teach attendees about the different types of eating disorders, their signs and risks. Friday, 3/1 7pm, Covel Grand Horizon
ILMBW + Reflections Workshop Reflections’ mission is to help women lower body dissatisfaction, end “fat talk” and resist societal pressures to pursue unrealistic and unhealthy body types. Reflections promotes positivity, empowers women to feel more comfortable with their bodies, increases body appreciation and creates positive body image. The workshops that Reflections hosts throughout the quarter consist of activities/exercises and an interactive discussion led by fellow UCLA Bruins. Saturday, 3/2 TBA
True Beauty by True Bruins (BITF) As part of I Love My Body Week, the True Beauty by True Bruins art gallery features student produced art that conveys what “beauty” means from their perspective. The gallery will feature photography, paintings, drawings, poems or any other visual representation of what beauty is. Sunday 2/17-2/23 All day

Other Miscellaneous Updates

1) Prf. Tajima-Pena working with a world renown director/producer with something so simple and easy!

  • Fwd: Hello all, I’m looking for someone who can do pretty simple coding in java for a Minecraft project on Mac (or someone who’s just really into Minecraft).  It would be about a day’s work.  If you know of anyone I’d appreciate any leads.
  • Email Uyen at epicuyen@gmail.com back for those who are interested!

2) AA Scholarships up for grabs!

3) LIA internship – fodder for your future!

4) MEMO help them out!

  • Fwd: The event is called HBAN, which stands for Hepatitis B Awareness Night, and will be happening on Tuesday, March 5th (week 9). We are trying to spread awareness of the silent but deadly disease and it is our first step in creating a Hepatitis B program for our annual mission trip to Vietnam. ALSO, Andrew Garcia (the American Idol and youtube start) will be there along with US (the youtube couple). I heard they are pretty popular! Oh, we also have raffles and FREE FOOD! The event is free for everyone. One last thing! Do you think a couple members of VSU is able to be a part of our teaser video. We will be recording a couple seconds of members saying they support HBAN. If yes, we can come record anytime this week!
  • Email Uyen at epicuyen@gmail.com for more information.