VSU Board

Meet the VSU Board for the 2019-2020 school year! Below you can find some information about each member and how to contact them.


 Internal Vice President

Name: Joseph Nguyen Name: Shu-Fan Chen
Year: 4th Year: 2nd
Email: joseph2mi@ucla.edu Email: shufanchen@hotmail.com

External Vice President 

Retention Coordinator

Name: Jason Vu Name: Alex Phu
Year:  3rd Year: 4th
Email: jasonvu975@ucla.edu Email: Alexphu1230@gmail.com

Outreach Coordinator

Fiscal Coordinator

Name: Ngan Tran Name: Oscar Pham
Year: 3rd Year: 2nd
Email: Ngantran1999@gmail.com Email: oscarpham08@gmail.com

Education Coordinator

Culture Coordinator

Name: Lyndon Bui Name: Justin Nguyen
Year: 4th Year: 4th
Email: lbui27@gmail.com Email: justinn20339@gmail.com

Political Advocacy Coordinator

Social Affairs Coordinator 

Name: Nina Long          Name: Adela Tran 
Year: 3rd Year: 2nd
Email: ninalong616@gmail.com Email: adelatran314@gmail.com

Co-Public Relations Coordinator

Co-Public Relations Coordinator

Name: Thuy-Anh Bui Name: Hope Pham 
Year: 3rd Year: 3rd
Email: thuyanhbui123@gmail.com Email: phamhope@gmail.com

Community Advocacy Coordinator

Administrative Assistant 

Name: Cindy Nguyen Name: Briana Khuu
Year:  2nd Year: 4th
Email: cindyngyen@g.ucla.edu Email: brianakhuu@gmail.com



Name: Caroline Huynh    
Year: 2nd    
Email: carolhuynh196@g.ucla.edu    

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