VSU Board 2016-2017

Meet the VSU Board for the 2016-2017 school year! Below you can find some information about each member and how to contact them.


 Internal Vice President

evelyn-ma kavin-tran
Name: Evelyn Ma Name: Kavin Tran
Year: 5th Year: 3rd
Major: Asian American Studies Major: Biochemistry
Email: evema.tutrinh@gmail.com Email: smarterkavin@gmail.com
Fun Fact: I love listening to R&B. Fun Fact: I used to have a southern accent.

External Vice President

Fiscal Coordinator

trevor-nguyen jerry-ngo
Name: Trevor Nguyen Name: Jerry Ngo
Year: 3rd Year: 2nd
Major: Biology Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Email: trevaahhh@gmail.com Email: jerryngojhn@gmail.com
Fun Fact: I have too many shoes. Fun Fact: I found a new favorite ice cream.

Administrative Coordinator

Retention Coordinator

elyse-cao lenh-voong
Name: Elyse Cao Name: Lenh Voong
Year: 3rd Year: 4th
Major: Biology Major: Economics
Email: cao.elyse@gmail.com Email: lvoong95@ucla.edu
Fun Fact: I hate ketchup, mustard, ranch and a lot of other dressings/sauces/condiments. Fun Fact: I had a pet chicken when I was little.

Outreach Coordinator

Social Affairs Coordinator

an-ha kristine-vo
Name: An Ha Name: Kristine Vo
Year: 4th Year: 3rd
Major: Major:
Email: an.ha2013@gmail.com Email: kristinevo96@gmail.com
Fun Fact: I was totally ready for this picture. Fun Fact:  I fought someone in school, I won.

Political Advocacy Coordinator

Educational Coordinator

Name: Hoang Ho Name: Christine Pham
Year: 3rd Year: 3rd
Major: Psychobiology Major: Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology (Minor: Korean)
Email: hoangho96@ucla.edu Email: cxqpham@gmail.com
Fun Fact: I lowkey stalk everyone. Fun Fact: I went to kindergarten in Illinois.

Cultural Coordinator

Intercollegiate Council Representative

 michael-ly  brittany-nguyen
Name: Michael Ly Name: Brittany Nguyen
Year: 4th Year: 3rd
Major: Physiological Science (Minor: Food Studies) Major: Financial Actuarial Mathematics
Email: michael.ly022@gmail.com Email: brittanynguyen95@gmail.com
Fun Fact: There was a new mole on my palm this year. I hope it’s not cancerous. Fun Fact: I had 3 grandpas.

Community Advocacy Coordinator


Name: Katie Han Name: Pauline Nguyen
Year: 3rd Year: 2nd
Major: Communication Studies Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Email: katiehan@ucla.edu Email: pnguyen1697@gmail.com
Fun Fact: My dad got a dog to replace me when I went to college. Fun Fact: I have a scar that looks like Harry Potter’s on my forehead.

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