VSU Board 2015-2016

Meet the VSU Board for the 2015-2016 school year! Below you can find some information about each member and how to contact them.


 Vice President

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Name: Danny Pham Name: Brian Lu
Year: 3rd Year: 3rd
Major: Biology and Economics Major: Biochemistry
Email: danny.pham@ucla.edu Email: blu65@ucla.edu
Fun Fact: I’m bad at coming up with fun facts. Fun Fact: I have dislocated my shoulder multiple times.

Intercollegiate Council Representative

Fiscal Coordinator

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Name: Kati Nguyen Name: Thuy Nguyen
Year: 3rd Year: 4th
Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering Major: Math-Economics
Email: kati1017@ucla.edu Email: thuynguyendao@gmail.com
Fun Fact: I received four stitches after walking into a pole. Fun Fact: I hate using Facebook.

Retention Coordinator

Community Advocacy Coordinator

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Name: Evelyn Ma Name: Trevor Nguyen
Year: 4th Year: 2nd
Major: Asian American Studies Major: Biology
Email: evema.tutrinh@gmail.com Email: trevaahhh@gmail.com
Fun Fact: I love listening to R&B. Fun Fact: I collect sneakers.

Social Affairs Coordinator

Political Advocacy Coordinator

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Name: Kavin Tran Name: Elizabeth Tang
Year: 2nd Year: 2nd
Major: Biochemistry Major: Biology
Email: smarterkavin@gmail.com Email: elizabeth.tang95@gmail.com
Fun Fact: I used to have a southern accent. Fun Fact: My family won the 5 ball for the lottery.

Education Coordinator

Culture Coordinator

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Name: Kevin Truong Name: Sarah Quynh-Giang Ho
Year: 4th Year: 3rd
Major:  Neuroscience Major: Civil and Environmental Engineering
Email: kevotruong@gmail.com Email: ho.sarah.qg@gmail.com
Fun Fact: I am an online certified reverend. Fun Fact: I became an expert in rabies after I was bitten by a squirrel in high school.

Public Relations Coordinator


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Name: Katie Han Name: Elyse Cao
Year: 2nd Year: 2nd
Major: Economics Major: Biology
Email: katiehan@ucla.edu Email: cao.elyse@gmail.com
Fun Fact: I can’t ride a bike. Fun Fact: I hate eating hot dogs and any of the condiments involved.

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