VCN 2017: Staff Applications

VCN All-Cast 2016
VCN All-Cast 2016

This upcoming January, the Vietnamese Student Union at UCLA will be celebrating its 37th Annual Vietnamese Cultural Night. UCLA’s VCN is one of the biggest and most anticipated events of the school year, and what makes it so unique is that it is entirely student-run. And now, you have the opportunity to lead this very special tradition by applying to be part of the planning staff!

Year after year, culture night has been central in our organization’s vision to advocate for the cultural, educational, political, and social welfare of the Vietnamese community at large. VCN regularly shows to a maxed out audience of 1800+ people at the historic Royce Hall on campus, and brings together 150+ students to make this entirely student-organized production possible, each belonging to one of seven components: four for performance (drama, traditional dance, modern dance, and singing) and three for planning (fiscal/sponsorship, publicity, and staging).

Our available positions will put you at the helm of one of those components and help carry out the vision of this year’s Vietnamese Culture Night. We invite any and all interested people to apply. You will experience tremendous personal growth, gain new perspectives on the Vietnamese culture and heritage, learn about our community conditions, develop critical leadership skills, and build an incredible community of friends and fellow performers who will stay with you long past graduation.

Please remember that we also have positions available for COMMITTEE members as well. These are especially great positions for anyone who does not necessarily have prior experience but would love to get involved in a staff or leadership role.

For more detailed information about VCN and a look at our previous productions, please visit You can also visit the official VCN website at

If you have any concerns regarding applications, please don’t hesitate to contact Cultural Coordinator Michael Ly at

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We are currently looking for: 

Fiscal / Sponsorship Committee
Publicity Coordinators
Publicity Committee
Drama Coordinators
Stage Design Coordinators
Stage Design Committee
Sound Design Coordinators
Moditional Dance Coordinators

Don’t miss out! The deadline to apply is 

Friday, August 12, 2016 at 11:59 P.M.

Positions and Responsibilities

36th Annual Vietnamese Culture Night

Fiscal & Sponsorship Committee Members


  • Assist the Sponsorship Coordinator with calling and outreaching to businesses and sponsors
  • Help with the planning of fundraisers
  • Organize donation boxes for show day
  • Attend all-cast retreat (Winter Break, date TBD)

See You Tomorrow

Publicity Coordinator + Committee Members


  • Manage all VCN social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • Design (or overlook the design of) flyers, online advertisements, and other marketing materials
  • Design (or overlook the design of) the VCN program booklet.
  • Produce promotional videos
  • Establish a publicity timeline and schedule
  • Handle press pass requests and communicate with press personnel on show day
  • Lead the Publicity Committee and its members
  • Attend all-cast retreat (Winter Break, date TBD)


  • Support the Publicity Coordinator in posting and managing social media content
  • Serve as a point person when flyering and tabling
  • Take photos and videos of behind-the-scenes work as well as on show day
  • Attend all-cast retreat (Winter Break, date TBD)

Photo by Marvin K. Sola
Photo by Marvin K. Sola

Drama Coordinator


  • Hold auditions and cast actors/actresses for the play
  • Conduct weekly rehearsals leading up to show day
  • Work with the drama cast to improve cast chemistry, bonding, and camaraderie
  • Lead acting developments that train each actor’s skill as performers
  • Deeply develop the drama cast on the show’s themes and issues
  • Provide constructive criticism and feedback for all scenes
  • Work with the Director to execute the vision of the play
  • Attend all-cast retreat (Winter Break, date TBD)

Stage Crew

Stage Designers (Set/Props) + Stage Crew


  • Design set pieces & backdrops and secure props for the play
  • Overlook the construction, maintenance, and transportation of all set pieces
  • Assist in stage management by striking the stage for set & props placement
  • Work with the Director and Drama Coordinators to execute the vision of the play
  • Recruit members for Stage Crew and lead the team on show day
  • Develop Stage Crew members on the show’s themes, issues, and history
  • Attend all-cast retreat (Winter Break, date TBD)

** PREFERRED: Access to car and able to drive **


  • Help with the construction and painting of set pieces and backdrops
  • Assist in collecting props for the play
  • Act as the “stage ninjas” during the show, which means moving set pieces in and out from the stage in between scenes
  • Attend all-cast retreat (Winter Break, date TBD)


Sound Designer


  • Find or produce sound effects to be used throughout the play
  • Select music to be used for scene transitions
  • Record and edit audio announcements (e.g. sponsors ad) prior to show day
  • Work with the Producers to call sound cues during the show
  • Attend all-cast retreat (Winter Break, date TBD)

Moditional Dance 2013
Photography by Ricky Lam

Moditional Dance Coordinator


  • Lead the Moditional Cast dance component and serve as its representative on staff
  • Choreograph an original dance piece that includes modern and traditional dance components that integrates well with the show’s themes and storylines
  • Help develop the component on the show’s themes, issues, and history
  • Work with the Director to execute the vision of the show
  • Attend all-cast retreat (Winter Break, date TBD)

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