Teresa Cao

What are my duties as SEA CLEAR Administrative Assistant?

To provide administrative assistance to all components and aspects of SEA CLEAR, keep an orderly project area, keep database entries up to date, organize study hall, supply maintenance, spam everybody with emails, etc etc. My most important responsibility is to have what you need. Especially love. I can give you a lotta love ♥

What are my interests?

I like the art of hugging. And singing for funsies. And listening to youtube covers of my favorite songs. And tumblring. I’m on tumblr a lot. A little bit too much. I’m a Thieu Nhi girl, and I’m a huge sucker for little kids. And I will love you forever if you can give good massages.

I also have a habit of reaching for people’s hands. And holding onto them. Forever.

One interesting fact about me.

I have a star shaped necklace with a smiley face on it. One day when I was in second grade, my family and I were at a jewelry store, and my aunt was like “Don’t get the one with the smiley face.” And I looked at her and was like “WHERE.” And then I said I wanted it. And then my mommy let me have it. And it’s around my neck right now. 🙂