Kim-Thy Nguyen

What are my duties as a SEA CLEAR Peer Counselor?

To holistically develop my counselees and help them realize and achieve their dreams.

To give my students a smooth experience at UCLA by providing them with advice and resources about academic policies, career options, and social opportunities.

To uphold SEA CLEAR’s mission of 100% retention by supporting all five components of Peer Counseling, Wellness, Internship, Mentorship, and Transfer.

What are my interests?

  • Criminal pyschology–watching Law & Order, Criminal Minds, and Cold Case always give me the heebie jeebies and makes me especially paranoid (I carry around a pocket knife, pepper spray, and whistle) but I just can’t stop being so fascinated with outlandish folks…
  • I then regain my trust in the human race by reading stories about human kindness because they always tickle my heart. Yeah I cry buckets afterwards but hey, a good cry is always healthy for your soul:)
  • Anything edible. I’d prefer being in a room full of food than people any day! Just kidding! I love people…that’s why I’m a peer counselor ^_^

One interesting fact about me.

I like to walk on my toes so I always look like I’m bouncing around. It was really hard to suppress this habit in marching band…