Jessy Nguyen

What are my duties as a SEA CLEAR Peer Counselor?

I am a peer counselor and being a peer counselor is the best job I every had! Then again it’s the only job I ever really had. I get to interact with students and learn about them and in the process learn more about myself. The best part is when I see my students empower themselves through the conversations we have in our session.

What are my interests?

I love to dance and choreograph dance. I used to play piano and ukulele but not as much anymore. It’s my fault since I don’t make time for my music side. I used to play basketball but again I did not make time for that. I also love to lift weights but because of my lack of time management, I was not able to hit the gym often anymore. Lastly, I just love to hang out with my lovely girlfriend, Kristeen Chu, and my loving family!

One interesting fact about me.

Last summer my brother, my sister, my friend, and I trained to eat 40 plates of korean bbq. All meat, no side dishes or rice paper. Afterwards, we could’ve sworn we saw and speak with death then came back to life.