HOPE Admin

 Here is our 2013-2014 HOPE Admin! Click on our staff members’ portraits in order to learn more about them and their positions!

Student Director

Assistant Director

Name: Jessica Thach Name: Jason Treul
Year: 3rd Year: 4th
Major: Asian American Studies, Education Major: Physics/Computational Mathematics
Email: jessicathach@gmail.com Email: jason.j.treul@gmail.com

Peer Mentoring Coordinator

Academic Development Coordinator

Name: Nhat-Thi Vo Name: Daniel Dang
Year: 2nd Year: 4th
Major: Biochemistry Major: Physics
Email: ntthivo@gmail.com Email: danndang@gmail.com

Site Coordinator: Westminster High School

Site Coordinator: San Gabriel High School

Name: James Nguyen Name: Tiffany Nguyen
Year: 4th Year: 4th
Major: Psychology Major: Biology
Email: jamesnguyen0@gmail.com Email: tffnyngyn@gmail.com

Administrative Assistant

Parent Coordinator

Name: Winnie Leung Name: Terry Nguyen
Year: 3rd Year: 4th
Major: English Major: Applied Mathematics
Email: wleung615@gmail.com Email: ttn181@ucla.edu