SEA CLEAR went on a community tour tp Northern California to immerse themselves and uncover the history and culture of the rising Southeast Asian population.
In 2016, SEA CLEAR went on a community tour to Northern California to immerse themselves in and uncover the history and culture of the rising Southeast Asian population.

Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education And Retention

SEA CLEAR challenges students to find relevancy in their education in order to help them develop and become empowered leaders. It is SEA CLEAR’s vision that these students later apply their newfound knowledge to the outside world to proactively contribute to their Southeast Asian community.

The project stresses not only academic success, but emphasizes the importance of holistic development and student empowerment in the process toward self-retention. SEA CLEAR strongly believes that retention extends beyond individual success because graduation is a community-wide victory. SEA CLEAR fulfills its mission to increase graduation and retention rates by developing students holistically through five components: counseling, mentorship, an internship program, wellness component, and transfer component.


The Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education and Retention (SEA CLEAR) project at UCLA was established in 1998 by the Vietnamese Student Union (VSU) at UCLA to represent Southeast Asian students and to educate them about Southeast Asian community issues.

SEA CLEAR is a part of the great tradition of student initiated, student funded, and student run projects. In 1998, VSU created SEA CLEAR to serve the needs of the historically under-represented Southeast Asian community. During its modest beginnings, SEA CLEAR started off with just Peer Counseling. Currently, SEA CLEAR boasts five components, including Peer Counseling, Mentorship and Internship, Wellness, and the newly added – Transfer Component.

Our services:

1. Peer Counseling

Through 1-on-1 sessions, peer counselors help students with academics, finances, community, & also with the student’s social, professional, and personal life. Peer Counseling provides a safe space for confidentiality and trust within open dialogue. With the resources to help students gain the knowledge needed to make their experiences at UCLA successful, peer counselors are trained to challenge students to become empowered leaders.

2. Mentorship

SEA CLEAR Mentorship incorporates mentor and mentee pairs and families that include UCLA undergraduate students, alumni, and community leaders in order to create a second home for students on campus. Throughout the year, pairs and families provide support and guidance for each other through programs hosted by SEA CLEAR, mentor-mentee outings, and family outings. Mentorship focuses on helping students find cultural relevancy in their academic and holistic success.

3. Internship

SEA CLEAR’s Internship component allows a safe space for students to learn more about their identity and community. SEA CLEAR interns will partake in fun and creative collaborative efforts with their peers, develop a critical consciousness, and learn to advocate for their community as empowered student leaders.

4. Wellness Component

The Wellness component educates students about how Southeast Asian history and culture impact their health. Students will have a safe space to discuss taboo topics in relation to spiritual, spatial, mental, sexual, and physical health. Moreover, students will reach a critical consciousness about their identity and develop holistically.

5. Transfer Component

The Transfer Component seeks to equip Southeast Asian transfers with the skills needed to become empowered students that are conscious of their unique intersectionalities, while fostering their inclusion and participation in the Southeast Asian community at UCLA.

Contact Information:

Pimlada Tantiwuttipong Alexander Phu
Project Coordinator Retention Coordinator