SEA CLEAR Mentorship and Peer Counseling Applications

Mentorship – Mentee & Family Head Applications OUT!

Through mentor and mentee pairs and families, SEA CLEAR Mentorship organized for VSU members aims to create an inviting support system on campus that encourages students to find cultural relevancy in their academic, professional, and personal lives. Throughout the year, pairs and families participate in mentor-mentee outings, family outings, and programs hosted by SEA CLEAR Mentorship, including Community Tour, Career Alumni Conference, and quarterly collectives, that help bolster both community awareness and holistic development. Mentee applications are still open!

SEA CLEAR Mentorship is also looking for motivated and enthusiastic students to become family heads for the program!

Peer Counselor Applications

Need help picking a major? Unsure of your post-grad plans and what organizations to join? Trying to navigate academic policies? A SEA CLEAR peer counselor can meet with you throughout the quarter for 1-on-1 counseling to help guide you through tracking your academic progress as well as refer you to resources based on your interests, needs, and goals. We are here to ensure that you stay on good academic standing, while also keeping your holistic wellness in check as a student and leader. Sign up for one today!