Response to Let’s Act! Revealed Folder


VSU was targeted in a recently exposed “Let’s Act! Exposed” folder. We are appalled at the claims that undoubtedly was used to attack our organization and the Community Programs Office (CPO). Some of these claims include advocating to “INFILTRATE” our organization. “The ‘pawn bloc’ refers to the four organizations (AISA, PISA, APC, & VSU) that are directly controlled by the CPO’s influence”. This and other claims undermine years of VSU leadership and advocacy.

This is extremely urgent and we are asking that all of our members make it a priority to contact the USAC Election Board demanding an investigation at

You can also contact the Daily Bruin Chief Editor at and the Opinion Editor at

Attached you will find VSU’s response. If you have questions and concerns, please contact

VSU Press Release

The Vietnamese Student Union