Press Release Regarding Professor Quyên Di

Dear community members and beyond,

We have become aware of the recent false and hyperbolized claims that UCLA’s professor Quyên Di is bringing Communist teachings from Vietnam into his classroom. Recognized by the university as the official voice of the Vietnamese students, the Vietnamese Student Union (VSU) stands beside professor Quyên Di to disprove these misleading claims. Professor Quyên Di does not teach communism in his classroom but is a world-renowned educator who teaches the importance of preserving the culture and language of Vietnam.

Based on the article on the website of the Department of the Việt Nam Học và Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese Studies and Vietnamese Language), some persons are targeting professor Quyên Di by spreading false claims on the internet, to different groups, and to many Vietnamese language schools and centers that the professor is teaching communism within his classroom. This group claimed that professor Quyên Di collaborated with Vietnamese Communists in Vietnam in order to bring communist ideologies to students within his classroom. In fact, they asserted that the professor used communist books to teach communism instead of teaching the Vietnamese language and culture. Furthermore, they declared that the professor received incentives from the Vietnamese Communists to collaborate with the Communist educators in Vietnam to bring Việt Nam Học, a Vietnamese major that they believe consists of communist ideals, to the United States and teach it within the Universities.

However, these persons falsely identified this as communist teaching. Việt Nam Học is more accurately defined as a Vietnamese Studies major and minor program that encompasses the Vietnamese history, language and culture similar to that of Asian American Studies, Southeast Asian Studies, etc. Additionally, there is a lack of evidence that the professor is receiving incentives from Vietnamese Communists to collaborate with Communist educators in Vietnam to teach communism in his classroom. On the other hand, there are many student testimonials stating otherwise and affirming that professor Quyên Di is teaching relevant and accurate materials pertaining to the Vietnamese language and culture. These testimonials are listed at the bottom of this press release.

Professor Quyên Di has always been a strong supporter and an ally of the Vietnamese Student Union. Every year, he makes integral contributions to our programs, such as Vietnamese Culture Night (VCN), Black April, and Vietnamese Graduation. Professor Quyen Di is regularly an opening speaker at VCN and a candle-light ceremony facilitator at Black April Commemoration. For Vietnamese Graduation, professor Quyên Di has traditionally been an attendee of and, for many years, a keynote speaker to our graduates. In addition, he is a strong supporter to many of VSU’s campaigns, such as Beyond the Stereotype.

VSU, therefore, discredits these exaggerated and unsupported claims by these persons that the professor is teaching communism within his classroom. The Vietnamese Student Union supports professor Quyên Di as a profound educator who always seeks to promote the awareness and preservation of the Vietnamese culture and language within UCLA.


The Vietnamese Student Union

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