2013-2014 VSU

Run for a Board Position: Elections this Spring

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The Vietnamese Student Union at UCLA is releasing applications for VSU Board and will begin the election process this Spring Quarter 2014. Please carefully review the application, important dates, and bylaws before submitting your application.

** View deadlines and download the application here. **

All applications are due to either the VSU office at Kerckhoff Hall 413 or by email to Anh Q. Nguyen, VSU President, at misounguyen3@gmail.com. All candidates must be enrolled at UCLA as a full-time student during the period of their term and cannot hold more than one position as elected or hired staff. It is mandatory that candidates meet up with the individuals currently holding or involved with the positions they are up for and to be present during the elections hearing otherwise their application will be rejected.

* Candidates interested in running for President must have held a VSU staff position prior to running for at least one year unless an exception is made by a two-thirds majority vote by the Board. Candidates interested in running for either of the two Vice President positions must have been an intern or VSU staff member for at least one year unless an exception is made by a majority vote by the Board.

If you have any questions, we will gladly answer any questions you may have about a project, the available positions, or the application process. Once again, feel free to contact VSU President Anh Q. Nguyen at misounguyen3@gmail.com or call at (408) 646-9293.

If you are looking to apply for a position within our two projects, HOPE and SEA CLEAR,please click here.

2013-2014 VSU

New Website, New Quarter!

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Chào đón!  Welcome to the redesigned vsubruins.com!

VSU has had a terrific two quarters thus far, but to close out this year strong, we decided to vastly improve our website for your convenience and get you as involved as possible in our quarterly activities. We wanted to make it easier for you to view photo galleries, get general meeting schedules, learn more about our events, stay updated with HOPE and SEA CLEAR, and access applications for our programs.

Here’s a short overview of what you can expect from our brand new website:

Photo Galleries

View photos from our programs, events, general meetings, fundraisers, and outings. If you have photos you would like to contribute, please contact us so we can add them to our galleries!

General Meeting Schedules

Dates, times, and locations for each quarter’s general meetings will be posted on this page. We will also link each general meeting to their respective Facebook events so you can stay updated on any changes or new information.


Explore our “Events” tab above and learn more about the programs we put on to uphold each of VSU’s four pillars!


If you are looking to get involved with the variety of events and programs that VSU has to offer, our “Applications” page conveniently lists all the current open applications in one place.

Check back on vsubruins.com throughout the future if you’d like to stay updated with VSU, as we will be updating the website weekly. As always, please remember to subscribe to our weekly newsletter (located on the left sidebar) to get these news delivered straight to your inbox! Make sure you also follow @vsubruins on the following social media:

If you spot any glitches, broken links, or bugs while navigating our website, don’t hesitate to drop us a message on our Contact page or send an email to vsubruins@gmail.com.

Have a fantastic Spring Quarter ’14!