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VSU 2013-2014 Board Applications are Out!

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Click here to download the VSU Board Application 2013-2014

Hello VSU Bruins! Interested in becoming the next Roman Nguyen (aka VSU President)? Or any of our other 14 board positions? Look no further, board applications for the 2013-2014 school year are out! Apply today!

Important dates to remember:

Friday, April 19th (Week 3) by 5pm – Applications due for Executive Board. These positions include:

  • President
  • Internal Vice President
  • External Vice President
  • Outreach Coordinator
  • Retention Coordinator
  • Fiscal Coordinator
  • Administrative Coordinator

Friday, May 10th (Week 6) by 5pm – Applications due for General Board. These positions include:

  • Social Affairs Coordinator
  • Education Coordinator
  • Political Advocacy Coordinator
  • Cultural Coordinator
  • Intercollegiate Council Representative
  • Public Relations Coordinator
  • Community Advocacy Coordinator
  • Webmaster

All hearings will be held in place of GM on Wednesday from 6-8 during Weeks 4 and 5 (Executive Board) and Weeks 7 and 9 (General Board).

Applications are due to either the VSU office at Kerckhoff Hall 413 or by email to RomanNguyen@gmail.com. All candidates must be enrolled at UCLA as a full-time student during the period of their term and cannot hold more than one position as elected or hired staff. It is mandatory that candidates meet up with the individuals currently holding or involved with the positions they are up for and to be present during the elections hearing otherwise their application will be rejected.

If you have any questions, we will gladly answer any questions you may have about a project, the available positions, or the application process. Feel free to contact Roman Nguyen, VSU President at RomanNguyen@gmail.com.

2012-2013 Email Updates

VSU Spring Week 3 Updates and Announcements

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Happy Week 3!

Although it’s still somewhat early in the quarter, this week’s GM may be our last one due to VSU’s upcoming board elections, so be sure to come out to mingle with other families before it’s too late!

Also, don’t forget to submit a board application by 5PM on Friday this week if you plan on running for Executive Board. Cheers!

Week 3 GM: Field Day!

Where: Wilson Plaza (grassy area in front of SAC)

When: Wednesday, April 17th, *5:00PM – 7:00PM


Come have some fun with VSU before midterms come around! We’ll be having some friendly competition between the families and also get a little practice before UVSA Friendship Games! (See below) ALSO KEEP IN MIND, we’ll be starting the meeting earlier at 5 PM instead of 6 PM!

VSU Spring Fling Clubbing

Where: Icon Ultra Lounge (for rides, meet at Ackerman Turnaround)

When: Thursday, April 18th, 9:00PM – 2:00AM

Facebook: Click!

Come celebrate post-SEA Admit/pre-midterms with VSU! If you plan on going, make sure to hit up a board member for a ticket.

Ticket Price: $15
Bus Price: $5

Meet at 9pm at Ackerman Turnaround
Leave Icon at 1:45am

Also Hosted by: Sigma Phi Omega, Pi Theta Kappa Neophyte Class, LA Kappa Zeta Phi, Barkada

UVSA Friendship Games

Where: Sigler Park in OC (rides will be provided)

When: Sunday, April 21st, 10:00AM – 4:30AM

Facebook: Click!

Friendship Games?
Friendship Games is a series of games of friendly competition between all UVSA schools in SoCal. Games ranging from the traditional tug-o-war to the amazing relay race!

We will be rewarding our participants with food and drinks throughout the day to refuel their energy for tougher games all so their schools will succeed!

One of the most important reason as to why you guys should go is to have fun, meet new and old friends, and strengthen your bonds with your schools! Working together in the hot sun with sweat rolling as you put hard work into winning the games!

See you guys all at Friendship Games!!!

For any questions or more information, please contact Teri Nguyen, VSU’s ICC rep.

2012-2013 Email Updates

VSU Press Release: Official Stance Against Mastery in Transformational Training

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April 11, 2013


Re: Official Stance Against Mastery in Transformational Training (MITT)

The Vietnamese Student Union at UCLA, the official voice of all Vietnamese students on campus, takes an official stance against Mastery in Transformational Training (MITT). As an organization, the Vietnamese Student Union encourages critical consciousness, self-empowerment, and the utilization of UCLA’s services to foster growth in our students as leaders in the community. To that end, we are opposed to this program for the following reasons:

The MITT program encourages students to deprioritize academics. The Vietnamese and Southeast Asian community is united by the refugee experience. Thus, some of the issues we face include barriers to higher education and low retention rates. To combat these issues, the Vietnamese Student Union created its corresponding projects, the Higher Opportunity Program for Education (HOPE) and the Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education and Retention Project (SEA CLEAR), to encourage students to actively engage in their education. However, the MITT program hinders our efforts. This program requests all-day attendance by participants for several days at a time. Therefore, the time commitment required for this program has led students to neglect coursework and miss classes on multiple occasions. Repetition of such actions is detrimental to their learning experience, especially in the context of UCLA’s fast-paced quarter system.

The MITT program also threatens people’s finances. Many students in our community do not come from families with high socioeconomic backgrounds. They currently receive financial aid assistance or work to earn money and support their education. The MITT program asks for an enormous sum of money. Each successive level of advancement in this program is more expensive than the last. The Basic Level costs $495, the Advanced Level costs $995, and the Legacy Level costs $1295. Students in our community who have felt pressured to join this program cannot afford it, but some have taken extreme measures in order to collect the money needed to participate in it.

VSU also calls into question the practices of MITT staff. Our Social Pillar promotes the idea that our space is a “home away from home.” We seek to create a safe and nurturing space to build the foundation of friendship and trust between all of our members, staff, and affiliates. In this respect, the MITT program counteracts VSU’s mission and vision for our community. UCLA administrators have expressed concerns regarding the methodology of the program, which is alarmingly similar to a pyramid scheme. Each successive level encourages the attendee to recruit others to enroll. To our knowledge, MITT uses emotional manipulation and other severe tactics to persuade others to join them. Multiple students have approached VSU Staff and expressed discomfort with these techniques. Some of them described MITT as “cultish” and “forceful.”

The Vietnamese Student Union and several other UCLA entities serve to foster leadership experiences and healthy relationships. We do all this with the principle that participants should prioritize their roles as students. Thus, we believe that programs and services that promote these outcomes in students should be free of cost.  We discourage our membership and affiliates from endangering their financial and academic standing for the sake of “empowerment,” and we deem this program ironically disempowering.  True change and leadership development is a process that requires time, patience, and community support.  Hence, we do not believe in a quick fix solution to challenges that need to be resolved with time.  Therefore, the Vietnamese Student Union at UCLA reaffirms that we are not affiliates of the MITT program.  The Vietnamese Student Union officially stands against the MITT program and we strongly discourage members of our community and our allies from participating in it.


The Vietnamese Student Union at UCLA