2014 High School Conference Staff Applications

VSU HSC aims to gather high school students and parents from all over California to promote higher education, inform students and their families on the effects of the recent budget crisis, expose them to all options and routes to higher education, and have fun while doing it.

YOU can make a difference. By being a part of the conference, you have the opportunity to not only empower and educate students but also develop personal relationships with a diverse group of students that go beyond the youth conference. You will have time to share your college experiences as well as learn about current high school experiences too.

The day’s events includes workshops connecting the state of the Vietnamese community and education, the college admissions process, culturally relevant education as well as a talent show, student/alumni panelists, and keynote speakers.

The ultimate goal is to build a critical mindset in today’s youth and future generations. What can you do to accomplish this goal? We are looking for experienced as well as newly interested leaders! Please review the available positions and responsibilities and fill out the application(s) below.



Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Note that some positions may include an over-the-phone or in-person interview.

If you are interested in being a part of the planning process, please apply to the following positions:

The Executive Team

You will be part of a small team of Chairs that oversees High School Conference as a whole! Applicants with good organizational skills, creative thinking, and team management skills are highly encouraged to apply!

Co-Chair (2): Manage weekly meetings with all coordinators; oversee all aspects of High School Conference.

The External Team

You will be a part of a smaller team of coordinators that deal with intense event planning! From working money to supplies, your work ensures High School Conference will be a huge success!

Fiscal Coordinator (2): Manage and delegate high school conference budget; Work on budget proposals; Fundraising

Logistics Coordinator (2): Get supply order from coordinators; Purchase and order supplies; Printing; Archiving ; Work closely with Fiscal Coordinator

Outreach/Registration/Volunteer Coordinator (3): Compile volunteer and student information; Phone-banking volunteers and students for confirmation; Organizing registration the day of; Flyers/advertisement.

Transportation Coordinator (1): Work with co-chairs and fiscal to plan transportation for students

Food Coordinator (1): Secure food for the event; Contact outside vendors and donors; Find means to purchase and get food to campus; Come up with food set-up and procedures; Distribute meal tickets

The Internal Team

You will be part of a smaller team of coordinators that deal with a lot of elements that come into play the day of the conference. This team is crucial, as these components interact directly with the students!

Family Head Coordinator (2): Lead and develop family heads and manage delegations

Workshops Coordinator (2): Organize workshop times and facilitators; Take care of workshop facilitators’ concerns

Tour Coordinator (2): Organize an effective and engaging tour route and activities

Talent Show Coordinator (2): Outreach for performances; MC talent show; Determine talent show agenda and talents; Rehearsals and run-though before the day of the event

The Parent Component

You will be a part of a smaller team of coordinators that deal with a brand new component of HSC, the parents! Because this team will be new, you’re creativity and organization will be vital to paving a path for future Parent Component coordinators. Many parents may not speak English so Vietnamese speakers are encouraged to be a part of this component

Parent Outreach/Registration/Guide Coordinators (3): Organize schedule for parents, phone-banking parents for confirmations, Organize registration; Facilitate tour of campus.

Parent Panel Coordinators (2): organize student/alumni panel for parents; outreach to student/alumni to speak for panel.

Parent Workshop Coordinators (2): Organize workshop times and facilitators for parents; manage parent workshop facilitators.

General Volunteers

Workshops Facilitator: Facilitate workshop, usually with a partner, day of event.

Outreach/Registration Committee: Phone-bank volunteers and students; Help in organizing and registering students the day of; Flyers/advertisement for event

Tour Committee & Tour Guide: Plan routes for People of Color tour; Be at stations during tour to educate students about that station

Family Head: Team leader for the day of event; Responsible for leading small group of students throughout day (i.e. direct them to right workshops, lead students on tour, etc.), interact with them, promote bonding

Runner: Helps on day of event

Family Head and Workshop Facilitator applicants must be available 10/11-10/13 for HSC retreat, although other general volunteers are highly encouraged to attend the retreat as well!

All coordinators are required to help with the planning process as well as the day of the event. Coordinators are allowed to decide the duration and time of their committee meetings. Generally speaking, coordinators should expect to spend a minimum of 6 hours a week on planning and development. Planning will start Week 1 of Fall Quarter. General volunteers must be able to make the day of the event. If you are not able to but would like to still be part of the process, you are still encouraged to apply!

Any immediate questions, concerns, or comments regarding this application or the event can be directed towards:

Lauren Nguyen
Education Coordinator