Frequently Asked Questions

When is the event? How long is it?

Saturday, November 17th, 2018. It’s an all day event, officially from 8am to 8pm, however transportation will require you to be at our pick up locations before 7am and to be picked up from these locations around 9pm.

Is this event free?

Yes! We do not charge admission for this event. Transportation is provided free of charge, as well as food.

Who can attend?

Any high school student can apply to attend. We strongly encourage those who are seniors or who will be applying to college this year’s cycle to take advantage of our application preparation workshops. Likewise, students who are beginning high school can benefit from our workshops that focus on what to do during high school to be college-ready.

How is transportation arranged?

We have buses that will pick you up from three possible locations: Westminster High School, San Gabriel High School, and Downtown Magnet High School.

What will the event consist of?

Workshops, workshops, and workshops! These topics will range from college preparation (application process, test preparation, choosing a major) to cultural (family, identity), to college life (dorm life, financial aid, artistic expression). We also have a special workshop for students who are undocumented regarding resources and college applications. We will also be having student speakers from different colleges come to talk about their experiences in high school and college. You’ll also be guided by a designated UCLA mentor for the duration of the day. We have dorm life showcasing, campus tours, and dining hall experiences throughout the day as well!

My parent/guardian/older sibling would like to attend.

Great! We encourage parents and family members who are interested in attending the event to apply as well (there is a separate “parent” information sheet that parents can indicate if they would like to attend the event).

What will my parents be doing at the event?

Parents will actually be on a separate agenda than students for the majority of the event. They will attend workshops that are specifically focused on the parent perspective of college preparation, as well as have their own discussions with different students.