Filling Out the Application

The information below regards the application for HSC 2019! Please email if you have any questions or concerns:)

Deadlines to Keep Track Of

-Sunday, Nov. 10th – STUDENT App Due @11:59pm

-Saturday, Nov. 16th – PARENT App Due @11:59pm

-Sunday, Nov. 24th – Our event happens 8am-8pm!


Questions and concerns brought to us specifically about the application will be posted here for reference

Specific instruction for filling out the application are as follows:


    • Our application is now completely online!


  • ****Please note, you will have to print out waiver forms (3 total pages) and upload signed copies to your application before being able to continue. You may scan or take pictures of the signed copies.****
  • The earlier you submit, the better!
  • The student application is separate from the parent application

Parents Attending the Event

  • The Parent application is separate from the student application 
  • Vietnamese Translations are provided in the application
  • PARENT App Link