HOPE Admin 2016-2017

Meet the HOPE Admin for the 2016-2017 school year! Below you can find some information about each member and how to contact them.

Project Director

Assistant Director

evelyn-tran lauren-ton
Name: Evelyn Tran Name: Lauren Ton
Year: Alumni Year: 3rd
Major: Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Major:
Email: etran@cpo.ucla.edu Email: laurenton@ucla.edu
Fun Fact: I never finished kindergarten in Vietnam. Fun Fact: I tell terrible jokes (Ask me to tell my favorite one!).

Peer Advising Coordinator

Academic Development Coordinator

elizabeth-tang kevin-hoang
Name: Elizabeth Tang Name: Kevin Hoang
Year: 3rd Year: 2nd
Major: Biology Major:
Email: elizabeth.tang95@gmail.com Email: hnkevin42@yahoo.com
Fun Fact: My dad really liked the queen of England, so yeah, I’m Elizabeth. Fun Fact: I was at Vietnam this past June!

Site Coordinator: Westminster High School

Site Coordinator: San Gabriel High School

 margaret-wu  samuel-hsu
Name:  Margaret Wu Name:  Samuel Hsu
Year:  3rd Year:  4th
Major: Major:
Email: margaretw@ucla.edu Email: samhsuy@gmail.com
Fun Fact: I never finished elementary school in Taiwan. Fun Fact:

Parent Coordinator

Name: Bao Ngoc Nguyen
Year: 4th
Email: bnthuyn@gmail.com
Fun Fact:

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