Fall Quarter, Week 2 UPDATES

VSU Takes On Pho Night to end off Welcome Week!
VSU Takes On Pho Night to end off Welcome Week!

Wow! Thank you for a huge turnout at all of our Welcome Week events. We hope that you enjoyed getting to know our board, project staff, and general members as much as we loved seeing all your faces! Sad that Welcome Week has ended? No worries fam, we gotchu because you can keep in touch with VSU with our WEEKLY GENERAL MEETINGS starting this upcoming Wednesday, October 5th!

Where: Humanities 135
When: Wednesdays, 6-8 P.M.

HOPE’s 1st General Meeting!

Enjoyed learning about HOPE at our Kickoff? Interested in helping at-risk youth get on the path to higher education? You’re in luck because HOPE will be having our VERY FIRST volunteer meeting this upcoming Monday from 6-8PM at SAC Conference Room 1&2. In this meeting, we will be giving an overview of what HOPE is and why it exists, as well as information about volunteering, how site works, and internship opportunities.

After the meeting, we will be getting KBBQ together!

Audition for VCN!

It’s officially auditions season for Vietnamese Culture Night 2017!

Celebrated as one of the most popular culture nights held on campus, our Vietnamese Culture Night draws packed audiences of over 1,800 people every year at the famed Royce Hall. Featuring traditional Vietnamese dance, modern dance, singing, and acting, our production aims to promote awareness of the Vietnamese culture and spark dialogue on important issues facing the Vietnamese community. And this year, we will be celebrating our 37th Annual production.

Bust out your dancing moves, be a stage ninja, or put on your most dramatic face — and audition!

Traditional Dance Auditions will be held THIS WEEK. Check out more information about the event HERE!

Stay tuned for Drama Auditions which will be held Week 3. Keep in touch HERE!

Join SEA CLEAR Mentorship!

With over 40,000 students, 5,000 courses, and 1,000 student groups, it is easy to feel overwhelmed at UCLA. SEA CLEAR Mentorship is a thriving Southeast Asian community where participants like you exchange knowledge to help each other succeed academically and professionally. You will also explore your ethnic identity with other Southeast Asians and see how it intersects with your academic and personal lives. Together, we will build a supportive “home-away-from-home” and reach incredible heights!

After filling out this application, SEA CLEAR will place you into a family and pair you with a mentor and/or mentee based on what you select.

DEADLINE: Saturday, October 8, 2016 at 11:59 P.M.

Apply to be a Mentor/Mentee HERE!

Check out VSU, HOPE, and SEA CLEAR Internships HERE!