Black April Commemoration

The candle lighting ceremony during the 2013 commemoration event.

The Black April Commemoration event, commemorating the April 30th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, is a unique event that provides an educational opportunity for the younger generation to hear the stories of our Vietnamese refugee ancestors. In a generation that lives so far from its original native roots, the Black April Commemoration event is especially significant because we strongly believe that heritage and culture are integral parts of our Vietnamese identity.

By commemorating this monumental event in our history, we hope to remind students and community members alike of how much our ancestors have sacrificed to come to America and strive for better opportunities for themselves and their children. Ultimately, we want to shed light on the many diverse perspectives of those affected by the war and bring about a memorable, personal, and enlightening experience to the attendees.

Traditionally, the commemoration event features a combination of the following:

  • Free dinner
  • Panel of community speakers
  • History showcase (art, photographs, poems)
  • Candle lighting ceremony

Check back yearly around April for more information regarding this special event.