Vietnamese Graduation


Congratulations to our class of 2018! May you go on to make waves in the sea of endless possibilities before you.

VSU proudly sponsors the annual Vietnamese Graduation at UCLA. Graduating seniors who identify as Vietnamese, have been involved with VSU, or participated in the Vietnamese language program at UCLA are cordially invited to be a part of this special ceremony held every year.

In the past, the graduation ceremony has taken place outdoors in the beautiful courtyard area behind Powell Library, located between Powell and the Physics and Astronomy Building. Graduates are seated with family, friends, and fellow graduates while food is served. There is also a keynote speaker from the community, student speakers, and a translator for parents.

Vietnamese Graduation is an opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the successes of the students in the Vietnamese community at UCLA. Please check back Spring Quarter if you would like to be a part of our V-Grad Staff!