VSU High School Conference

HSC 2019 will take place on Saturday November 16. The application is expected to be released Late October. Stay tuned for future updates! If you have any concerns or questions please feel free to email us at vsu.hsc@gmail.com

Staff Applications: Current UCLA Undergrads interested in applying for staff, please email Lbui27@gmail.com

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No matter what grade you’re in, high school graduation is not far off and you have probably started thinking about what you’re going to do after high school.

  • Have you thought about all the possible options available to you?
  • Did college ever cross your mind? If so, do you want to find out if going to a University, Cal State, or Junior College is for you?
  • Would you like help on tackling your college application, especially your personal statement?
  • Do you want to get an idea of what it feels like to be a college student?
  • Do you want to learn all this without having to pay for it?

The Vietnamese Student Union is proud to announce that we will be hosting the annual High School Conference at UCLA for 36 years in 2019. This free, one-day program is filled with student workshops and various activities designed to assist high school students in their preparation for college and beyond. High School Conference typically gathers about 150 students and youth from all across California to promote the importance of higher education, learn all the options and routes to achieving it, and experience a day of fun in the company of peers and mentors.

Food and local transportation is provided free. In addition, many current college students as well as alumni are present so attendees can get their questions answered.

Look below for more details on the various High School Conference components.



The family system helps to foster a sense of family by placing every High School Conference attendee into a group of nine other attendees, led by two current UCLA students, known as Family Heads. Each Family Head is developed to guide their family along the day’s various events, answer any questions they may have, and to make sure their family has the best experience possible through mentorship. Family heads and their students usually maintain a relationship even after the program is over and keep in touch, helping them along the way throughout the rest of their high school career. Every family also embraces a fun theme! In the past, there have been family themes based on Disney films, cartoon shows, and superheroes.


Workshops are student-run presentations and activities which range in content and subject. Workshop themes in the past included self-identity, self-expression, and the college admissions process.* Students will be able to choose three workshops to attend throughout the day. Examples of workshops within these themes include, but are not limited to, dance workshops, financial aid, personal statements, and cultural identity. Workshops are a fun and engaging way to learn more about yourself as well as higher education!

* College admissions workshops include a Q&A portion at the end if students have any college-related questions.

Parent Component

The parent component was newly introduced in 2013. The component is specifically tailored to the parents of high school students who want to gain more knowledge about the college application process, financial aid, college life, and more. We are inviting parents to come to UCLA for the day to learn more about the importance of higher education and about the various programs and resources on campus. The day for parents consists of workshops, activities, a campus tour, and a Q&A panel.  This is a wonderful opportunity for parents to become familiar with the different aspects of higher education. Submitting a short application and a waiver will be necessary.

Campus Tours

This portion of the eventful day will allow you to explore UCLA’s beautiful campus, see all the famous buildings, take pictures in front of them all, and learn about the interesting historical events that the People of Color at UCLA have gone through. Learn about the myths, diversity, true historical happenings, and the campus life at this university from our talented group of tour guides!

Talent Show

The talent show showcases performances in music, dance, spoken-word, martial arts, and much more. Performers are made up of some of our most talented Bruins, and oftentimes our HSC families bring their own students on-stage for a memorable show!


Food will be provided for our high school attendees. Three meals will be provided: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Meals will have both vegetarian and anti-vegetarian options.


We work to provide high school students with safe and free transportation from their local high schools to UCLA and back. More information on transportation is provided in the application for each year’s conference.