Vietnamese Culture Night


VCN 2019


Known as one of the largest Vietnamese Culture Nights in the country, we intend culture night to meet our organization’s vision of advocating for the cultural, educational, political, and social welfare of the Vietnamese community at large. While serving to educate the community and bring culture into more people’s lives, VCN also brings together the members of the Vietnamese Student Union and other volunteers. VCN is a unique program that comprises of acting, traditional dance, modern dance, music, and behind-the-scenes work. The 200 students that partake in building this large-scale production foster bonds with each other and discover a sense of community. Involvement in a completely student-organized production allows skill development and personal growth. VCN is an incredible event to support because it aims to educate our audience while the students involved in the production experience personal growth through the retreats, rehearsals, and hours of practice.


VSU chooses Martin Luther King Day, every year, to put on our Vietnamese Culture Night because it is a day of open minds and open hearts. Now going into its 35th year in 2015, Vietnamese Culture Night has become one of the most anticipated events on campus, bringing together over 1,800 students, faculty, staff, family members and the off-campus Vietnamese American community annually. VCN is a show produced by 200 students with a program cost of over $30,000, most of which goes to the cost of facilities. These resources are all put towards producing a quality show about certain current taboo topics or significant issues pertaining to the Vietnamese community.

The show has traditionally featured a combination of the following performances:

  • Drama
  • VSU Modern Dance
  • Vietnamese Traditional Dance
  • Awe Chords A Capella

Past Topics Include:

  • Gender Inequality
  • Mental health
  • Domestic abuse
  • Gambling
  • Undocumented students
  • LGBT
  • Gang violence
  • Interracial marriage
  • Human trafficking

Historically, we have used Royce Hall, a prestigious building on our campus, to meet the scale of our production and the purpose of the show. Tickets are always FREE and open to everyone in the area.

Contact Information

For updates or questions about our upcoming show, please contact Justin Nguyen at or visit any of the following sites: 



Past Productions

18th Annual (1998) Tuổi Hồng Trên Quế Xưa  
19th Annual (1999) Niềm Ước Vọng  
20th Annual (2000) A Little More of Us  
21st Annual (2001) In Pursuit…  
22nd Annual (2002) Stranded Twilight: The Musical VIDEO
23rd Annual (2003) A Turtle’s Tale: The Past Awakens VIDEO
24th Annual (2004) Farewell Indochina  
25th Annual (2005) Cát Bụi: Drifters  
26th Annual (2006) Family Portrait: Bức Ảnh Gia Đình  
27th Annual (2007) Quê Hương: My Homeland VIDEO
28th Annual (2008) Adrift…  
29th Annual (2009) Chân Trời Mới: A New Tomorrow VIDEO
30th Annual (2010) Labors of Love: Lòng Mẹ PHOTO
31st Annual (2011) Still We Rise: Còn Nước Còn Tát PHOTO | VIDEO
32nd Annual (2012) Chasing Bets: Ngã Rẽ Cuộc Đời PHOTO
33rd Annual (2013) Unrequited: Đường Một Chiều PHOTOS | VIDEO
34th Annual (2014) Almost Home: Mái Ấm Gia Đình PHOTOS | VIDEO
35th Annual (2015) Fight to Keep: Những Ngày Tháng Khó Quên PHOTO | VIDEO
36th Annual (2016) See You Tomorrow: Lối Về Bình Yên PHOTOS | VIDEO
37th Annual (2017) The Things She Carries: Gánh Nặng Cuộc Đời PHOTOS | VIDEO
38th Annual (2018) Time In Tides: Tìm Về Cội Nguồn PHOTOS | VIDEO