Project Director

Name Seng So
Hometown Hayward, Ca aka “the heart of the bay”
Year Alumnus 2007
Major Asian American Studies
Email so.seng1685@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Oversee the project and work towards helping our young people address issues of access to higher education.
Interests/Hobbies Sports, Movies, Music, Writing, Road Trips, Community Work & Eating
Interesting Fact I like girls with freckles and/ or braces.

Project Director

Name Michael Wong
Hometown Garden Grove
Year 4th
Major Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics
Email mic.g.wong@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Develop the HOPE admin team as well as the HOPE interns
Interests/Hobbies Watches, Pens, Cars, Documentaries (primarily science! or history), Music, Reading, Walking
Interesting Fact I do not like Disney

Peer Advising Coordinator

Name Tawny Caroline Young
Hometown Monterey Park
Year 3rd
Major Psychobiology
Email teardropwaltz@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Address issues of Higher Education by developing staff so that they can develop, support, and empower students while understanding all aspects of a student’s life.
Interests/Hobbies Singing/Mimicking songs, drawing, volleyball (been a long while though), video games, shopping
Interesting Fact I fall in love with people who are very musically talented. Even if your outward personality isn’t as likeable, I feel like music expresses a very sentimental and honest side.

Academic Development Coordinator

Name Nancy Lê 
Hometown Westminster, CA (Little Saigon <3)
Year 3rd
Major Psychology
Email nancybcle@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Making academic resources accessible to high school students, providing tools for students to succeed academically and reach their long-term educational goals.
Interests/Hobbies Shopping, Yelping good restaurants to eat with my younger brother when I go home, creating to-do lists I never seem to finish, singing with my iTouch when I’m by myself in the car XD
Interesting Fact Robert Pattinson signed my Psychology 10 book.  Sits proudly on my desk shelf 🙂

Site Coordinator-Westminster High School

Name Cathy Mai
Hometown Santa Ana, CA
Year 2nd
Major Psychology
Email cathymai92@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position To oversee Westminister High School’s site conditions, monitoring staff performance, build community/site contacts and resources, outreaching to students to advocate for higher education
Interests/Hobbies Listening to different types of music, going to concerts, drinking boba, just chilling with good company, playing board games
Interesting Fact I get cravings for thai tea at least once a week.

Site Coordinator-San Gabriel High School

Name Alice Hsu
Hometown Riverside
Year 3rd
Major Business Economics/ Accounting
Email aliceehsu@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position  Collaborate with San Gabriel High School administration as well as surrounding community resources to create a place for high school students to receive help
Interests/Hobbies My top hobby is EATING, but I also enjoy playing board games, watching quirky youtube videos, and having late night conversations
Interesting Fact The most exotic food I’ve tried is starfish

Administrative Assistant

Name Lily Au
Hometown Garden Grove, CA
Year 3rd
Major Psychobiology/Global Studies
Email lilyau.09@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Handle overall clerical duties of the project. Also facilitate development of students as leaders to open reflections of current relevant community issues.
Interests/Hobbies Enjoying good company, Reading, Photo-albuming, Star gazing, Tennis, Nature!
Interesting Fact I write and eat with my left-hand and use my right-hand for everything else 🙂

Parent Coordinator

Name Hoang Vuong
Hometown Oakland, CA
Year 2nd
Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology
Email hoang1022@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position To bridge communication of our students with their parents by giving parents a better understanding of what is happening in their student’s life and their community.
Interests/Hobbies Music, Gaming, Boba, Chilling, SCIENCEEEE!!, Teaching, Tennis
Interesting Fact I love to laugh and it is very easy to make me laugh, that sometimes I end up laughing so hard over something that no one may find funny, even though I might find it ridiculously funny. Rest assured, I do remember to breathe.