VSU Board


Name Vân Huỳnh
Hometown Pittsburg, CA
Year 4th
Major Asian American Studies Major, Education Studies & Women’s Studies Minor
Email vanthuynh@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position to BLEED VSU, be the official representative of VSU, oversee the overall operation of VSU, responsible for the development of the Board, and more
Interests/Hobbies baking, running my low-scale bakery, riding my Paul Frank cruiser, going to concerts, playing with my dogs Andre and Jael
Interesting Fact In my family, I’m the 3rd daughter to attend UCLA. I love CPO & VSU. I’m a former CPO Front Desk Intern, SEA CLEAR Intern, and HOPE Admin Assistant!!

Internal Vice President

Name Roman Anthony Nguyen
Hometown Riverside/Corona
Year 3rd Year
Major Pre-Econ
Email romannguyen@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Work closely with board internally to ensure the success of VSU’s programs. Help develop staff. Oversees VSU Internship. Oversees anything internal related.
Interests/Hobbies I played the Clarinet and was part of the UCLA Solid Gold Sound Marching Band for two years. I enjoy playing Video Games like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, mainly RPGs. Enjoying watching anime occasionally too. I enjoy the outdoors, so I like to go off adventuring by camping and stuff.
Interesting Fact I was part of Boy Scouts of America, and got the highest rank of Eagle Scout when I was 14 years old. I was Vice President for Chess Club  and President of CSF.

External Vice President

Name Jasmine (Anhtu) Nguyen
Hometown Saigon, Vietnam (I live in Milpitas, Ca now)
Year 3rd
Major Global Studies & IDS/ undecided but might do southeast asian studies
Email anhtu.ngoc.nguyen@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Oversee external relations of VSU (ICC/UVSA, APC, off-campus community, and media/public relations); build and develop coalitions (i.e. Coalition of Vietnamese Orgs and Southeast Asian coalitions at UCLA and statewide); collaborate with on-campus Vietnamese orgs (i.e. bone marrow drives); program events pertinent to alumni, ICC/UVSA, and Asian Pacific Coalition.
Interests/Hobbies I love to read books and write fictional stories or journals for magazines/newspapers (most likely for the print media in good old Vietnam). My hobby also includes swimming, skating (roller blading, ice skating, longboarding, skateboarding, you name it haha), and traveling. I love love love to travel and explore new things/places. .
Interesting Fact I’m usually known as Miss Vietnam? haha (come to me for anything Viet-related and you will leave satisfied) I also go abroad like crazy, doing 2 16-hour flights and 2 3-hour flights every summer to travel back to Asia. I have been to 5 countries in total and would like to visit Japan/Korea/European countries one day!!!

Administrative Coordinator

Name Jack Lee
Hometown San Gabriel
Year 4th
Major Civil Engineering
Email superdupergiang@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Book room, take minutes, organize office
Interests/Hobbies Finding new hobbies. Traveling. Adventures. Buildings. Creating graphs and analyzing data, the rest you’ll have to find out
Interesting Fact I am not Vietnamese

Fiscal Coordinator

Name Anne Pham
Hometown Lawndale, CA
Year 3rd
Major Mathematics Major/Asian American Studies and Education Minor
Email annepham90@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Manage VSU’s funds, Reimburse charges made during events, facilitate the writing of budget proposals. Fundraising.
Interests/Hobbies scrapbooking, decorating, shopping, singing, loving, laughing, smiling
Interesting Fact I’m in love with hello kitty, I’m a shopaholic, I’m a very good listener, I once stayed up to 5 in the morning listening to my friend’s story. I cannot live without TARGET and I believe that HAPPINESS is tangible only if the people I love are not SAD.

Retention Coordinator

Name Layhearn Tep
Hometown Long Beach, CA
Year 4th
Major Political Science / Asian American Studies
Email layhearn.tep@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Oversee retention project (Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education and Retention), facilitate advisory board meetings to assess and troubleshoot SEA CLEAR, direct liaison between VSU board and SEA CLEAR, chair and voting member of the Campus Retention Committee (a student-run funding board that allocates money to retention projects, evaluates effectiveness and outcomes, and advocates for policies)
Interests/Hobbies Music, movies, comedy, good times, late-night taco runs
Interesting Fact My name is a derivative of Chick Hearn’s name! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chick_Hearn)

Outreach Coordinator

Name Katrina Mai Võ
Hometown Oakland, CA
Year 4th
Major International Development Studies Major / Southeast Asian Studies Minor
Email katrina.maivo@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position I am the bridge between VSU’s outreach project, HOPE (Higher Opportunity Program for Education).  To ensure that HOPE is meeting and fulfilling the mission and vision of the Vietnamese Student Union, I communicate to the Project Director as well as the administrative team the updates the VSU has consistently.   I am a voting committee member and advocate within the SIAC (Student Initiated Access Committee) space on behalf of the Vietnamese Student Union and it’s outreach project.
Interests/Hobbies music, jordans, photography.
Interesting Fact i have a default outfit, it consists of jordans, skinny jeans, a white tee/beater and a red hoodie. on an average week, i’d rock this approximately twice a week.

Social Affairs Coordinator

Name Ngoc Hanh Pham
Hometown Gardena, CA
Year 2nd
Major Sociology
Email npham91@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Plan Welcome Week, facilitate the Buddy System, oversee the Family System, create membership cards, plan and run General Meetings and VSU Internship with Internal Committee
Interests/Hobbies Traveling, camping, going to the beach, playing tennis, playing board games, dancing in random places
Interesting Fact I’ve been on four continents 🙂

Political Advocacy Coordinator

Name Lan Nguyen
Hometown San Jose, CA
Year 3rd
Major Psychology
Email nguyenlan1020@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position To promote awareness of political events and news affecting the Southeast Asian community and to put on a Black April Commemoration that will educate the community about its history and culture.
Interests/Hobbies Harry Potter!, music, shopping, playing sports, boba run with friends
Interesting Fact I can ride any roller coaster, it doesn’t matter how high it is or how steep of a drop, I’d be down but I am terrified of ferris wheels. =[

Education Coordinator

Name Nicole Ann Nguyen
Hometown Milpitas, The Bay Area
Year 4th
Major Sociology
Email nguyen1989@ucla.edu
Responsibilities of Position My role is to bring in the importance of education to all aspects of VSU and the Vietnamese and Southeast Asian community.  Within VSU, I update members and staff on current events related to education as well as advocate for and work towards accessibility for all students along with other major organizations on campus.  I also chair VSU High School Conference and work on SEA Admit Weekend, both programs showing the importance of higher education as well as all the services and programs offered to Vietnamese and Southeast Asian students at UCLA.
Interests/Hobbies Cooking, finding new places to eat, watching Korean & Taiwanese dramas, collecting stickers, swimming
Interesting Fact I hate dirty cars; if you put me in a dirty car with a lot of stuff, I’ll start cleaning and organizing.  Ask anyone who’s driven me.

Culture Coordinator

Name Nancy Nguyen
Hometown Pittsburg, CA
Year 4th
Major Art History
Email nnc.nguyen@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Planning and producing VCN and Cafe Am, promoting and advocating for cultural awareness of Vietnamese history and traditions to the community
Interests/Hobbies Cooking, eating and chilling
Interesting Fact I have 4 sisters and no brothers.

Public Relations Coordinator

Name John Le
Hometown The San Fernando Valley
Year 2nd
Major Undeclared-Life Science
Email johnle91@ucla.edu
Responsibilities of Position My role is to publicize the vision of VSU to the UCLA student body and the greater Vietnamese community. In order to perform my job efficiently some of my tasks are: flyering, table advertising, networking, and marketing VSU as a beneficial aspect to the student body at UCLA. My greater projects for the year include making the VSU yearbook, advertising major VSU events, and overall boosting the morale of VSU.
Interests/Hobbies Social networking, tennis, running, science intrigues me.
Interesting Fact My birthday is December 31st, 1991. I always find that I’m the youngest amongst the peers in my class.

Community Advocacy Coordinator

Name Christine Nguyen
Hometown Garden Grove, Little Saigon 🙂
Year 2nd
Major Physiological Science
Email ctpn26@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Keep in contact, build a relationship, and maintain a connection with our alumni as well as our community.
Interests/Hobbies Climb trees, travel & explore, Eeyore, drive, knit
Interesting Fact I like to have my volume turned to intervals of 5.

Inter-Collegiate Council Representative

Name Dennis Nguyễn
Hometown Newark, CA (Bay Area)
Year 2nd
Major Sociology
Email dennisnguyen91@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Work with other Southern California VSA’s to coordinate and program events that help the Vietnamese community. Build relationships between VSU and other VSA’s.
Interests/Hobbies Going to the gym, collegiate style wrestling, food, and movies.
Interesting Fact My birthday is on April 30th, the same day as Black April.


Name Bryant Khau
Hometown Cerritos, CA
Year 2nd
Major Electrical Engineering
Email mrkhau@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Designing the website, updating the website, sending out emails to the mailing list.
Interests/Hobbies chilling,going out, drumline, internet marketing
Interesting Fact I have a 4 year old little brother