Project Director

Name Seng So
Hometown Cambodia
Year Alumni
Major Asian American Studies
Email so.seng1685@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Oversee the HOPE project to ensure that we are meeting and fulfilling the mission and vision of the project as well as serve as a bridge between the three projects VSU, SEACLEAR & HOPE.
Interests/Hobbies Sports. Reading & learning. Being in new and different places. Shoes. Movies. Dreaming.
Interesting Fact I can’t swim. =(

Peer Advising Coordinator

Name Tawny Caroline Young
Hometown Monterey Park
Year 3rd
Major Pre-psychobiology
Email teardropwaltz@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Facilitate growth, increase awareness, and engage staff as peer advisors to high school students from Chinatown, San Gabriel High School, and Westminster High School. Invite staff as well as high school students to a comfortable stage in peer advising and conflict resolution.
Interests/Hobbies Music, singing (non-professionally, karaoke style), drawing, volleyball, cartoons, traveling, food
Interesting Fact likes puppies and kittens but is a little scared of human babies

Academic Development Coordinator

Name Randy (Rambo) X. Mai
Hometown Oakland
Year 3rd
Major Asian American Studies, Pre-Urban and Regional Studies MinorStudies Minor
Email randymai90@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Facilitate the development of HOPE staff and students. Assist with writing development, test prep, tutoring, and skill building for students.
Interests/Hobbies Shopping, Guitar, Listening and appreciating music, KBBQ, K-POP
Interesting Fact I was born at UCLA Medical Hospital of Harbor City (in Torrance) and was named RAMBO.

Site Coordinator-Westminster High School

Name Kevin Vu
Hometown Lake Forest, CA
Year 2nd
Major Biology
Email kvu001@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Programming, supervising, ect.
Interests/Hobbies Eating, sleeping, basketball, music, dreaming, questioning
Interesting Fact My last name’s Vu and my phone is the LG VUE hehe

Site Coordinator-San Gabriel High School

Name Ethan Nguyen
Hometown Oakland
Year 5th
Major n/a
Email endeavorous@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position n/a
Interests/Hobbies n/a
Interesting Fact n/a

Administrative Assistant

Name Nancy Le [Le Bao Chau]
Hometown Westminster, CA
Year 2nd
Major Pre-Economics / Pre-Psychology
Email nancyb.le0720@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position To be the backbone of HOPE once I come back and be there for my beautiful staff XD  Also in charge of the Leadership development for all three sites.
Interests/Hobbies Eat.  Baking.  Sleep.  Gym.  SSHOPPING!!!!!!
Interesting Fact You’ll never meet somebody who talks so much about their mom as much as I do 🙂  I adore my food, my clothes as I love to dress up, and after this particular summer interning for Southwestern, will always make a big deal to let you know how thankful I am to know you…you have NOOO idea XD

Parent Coordinator

Name Linda Nguyen
Hometown Oakland, CA
Year 4th
Major International Development Studies w/ Political Science minor
Email n.lindaa@gmail.com
Responsibilities of Position Help facilitate the relationships between high school students and their parents by engaging parents into HOPE and the students’ pursuit of higher education. Keep the parents informed of resources and the issues.
Interests/Hobbies Biking in empty streets at night & in sunny days, travelling & exploring, tennis, running, trying everything at least once. OH, and EATING all the different food possible. yum!
Interesting Fact I don’t like the words “I” and “me” because they seem overused sometimes. I try to limit myself from using them & prefer the words “you” and “we.”