VSU Vision 2010-2011

VSU Vision 2010-2011


VSU understands the importance of culture and how it plays an integral role in defining who we are, by embracing our commonalities and differences such as history, heritage, language, community, tradition, religion, and/or spirituality. With this foundation, we aim to promote cultural awareness in order to bridge the gap between generations that have been influenced by their Southeast Asian experiences. Concisely, we will ensure our vision through programs that encompass different aspects of culture.


VSU believes that education builds consciousness and a sense of awareness. Education liberates the mind using knowledge as a vehicle for freedom. We believe that education should be a right that does not have to be structured but stems from different forms; our home, our history, and our life experiences. Through the collaborative efforts of our projects HOPE & SEACLEAR, we continue to invest in and empower our community here at UCLA by challenging students to become more fully engaged through our educational events and projects.


VSU understands that policies and historical trends shape the conditions of the people, in which we aim to address and meet the needs of the community. By collaborating with groups of common interests, struggles and goals; we work toward basic human rights and equity by valuing collective-individual voices.


VSU is a home away from home where meaningful relationships are created when members work together to improve community conditions.