Mission & Vision


Mission Statement:

The Vietnamese Student Union (VSU), established in 1977, is the official voice of all Vietnamese students at UCLA through its advocacy for the cultural, educational, political, and social welfare of the Vietnamese community at large.

Vision Statement (2019-2020):

The Vietnamese Student Union (VSU) at the University of California, Los Angeles seeks to politically empower and support our communities and other marginalized people of color. We hope to foster an integrated community space among our cohorts that unites to improve our collective welfare. Through strengthening personal connections among members, we aim to grow systems of support within higher education and increase cultural pride. By developing a supportive, welcoming organization, we will advance toward our goal of a resilient and welcoming space.

Est. September 17, 2019 | VSU Board 2019-2020

Previous VSU yearly visions:


See the Official VSU Bylaws.