VSU 2015 celebrates its first general meeting!
VSU 2015 celebrates its first general meeting!

The Vietnamese Student Union, or VSU, is an organization that is committed to the development and growth of the Vietnamese community here on campus. We help out with a wide variety of events at UCLA throughout the academic year. We hold award-winning programs and events that uphold our visions and allow us to honor our four pillars of Culture, Education, Political, and Social. In addition, VSU also has biweekly general meetings where members can gather, socialize, and interact with their fellow friends and members of the community.

Membership is completely FREE and open ALL individuals who are interested in learning more about Vietnamese culture, history, or issues in the Vietnamese community. There is no application or process necessary to become a general member. Just drop by at any of our general meetings and get involved! We do encourage you to subscribe to our newsletter to get weekly updates and general meeting dates.

VSU also has two chief projects, HOPE and SEA CLEAR, which delve deeper into community issues. Any individuals who are interested in a more involved contribution to the wellness of the Vietnamese community are highly encouraged to learn more:


Adela Tran

Social Affairs Coordinator 2019-2020