HOPE 2019 

Higher Opportunity Program for Education

The Higher Opportunity Program for Education (HOPE) is a student-initiated project founded by the Vietnamese Student Union (VSU) in 1999. HOPE is committed to outreaching to under-resourced and underrepresented youth. HOPE exists to raise consciousness of and provide access to higher education through holistic empowerment. We promote self-sufficiency and leadership through academic, personal, and community empowerment. We develop our students through peer-advising, tutoring, workshops, college tours, and field trips. Under the support of the Student-Initiated Outreach Committee (SIOC) and the direction of VSU, HOPE strives to achieve its goals toward educational equity for all.

When Does HOPE Meet

  • HOPE All Staff/Volunteer Meetings, Mondays 6-8pm
  • Westminster High School Site, Tuesdays 2:00-7:00pm
  • San Gabriel High School Site, Wednesdays 1:00-7:00pm

Note: Site times include transportation time

Basic services we offer:

For high school students:

  • Peer Advising
  • Academic Development
    • Tutoring
    • Test Preparation
    • Writing Development
    • Skill-building Workshops
  • Collective Development
    • Collectively Reaching Empowerment through Workshops (CREW)
    • Reaching Independence through Self Efficacy (RISE)
  • Parent Engagement

For UCLA undergraduate students:

  • Internship

Peer Advising – One-on-one advising/mentoring sessions

Through peer-mentoring, HOPE provides an outlet for students to express themselves and help students through high school and plan for life after graduating. To prepare them for college, sessions get students to understand A-G requirements, keep them accountable for high school graduation, and give students information on tests needed to get into college. In addition, students acquire skills such as time management and public speaking, which are necessary for post-secondary life.

Who Are Peer Mentors?

They are…

  • Trained UCLA volunteers who help students plan
  • Current UCLA students
  • Fill-in big brothers/sisters to students
  • Role models for the students
  • Members of the community

Academic Development (AD)

The Academic Development component is not just about homework help. It is about developing students academically so that they can be successful in whatever they do.

Students will grow academically through tutoring, skill building, test prep, and writing development. Tutoring is one of the biggest elements of the academic development portion and is done one-on-one as well as group spaces. The writing development component helps the student develop their understanding of the process and the writing structure. This can be done via journals, blogs, etc.

Collective Development

CREW: Reaching Empowerment through Workshops

CREW workshops touch on topics that can only be learned outside the classroom. Here, students are exposed to community issues, personal wellness, current events, politics, as well as topics they choose.

RISE: Reaching Independence through Self-Efficacy

RISE component exposes students to college and help them to effectively choose, apply, and prepare for higher education. RISE includes college tours, shadow days, and college preparation workshops.


Internship provides an opportunity for students to learn more about themselves, their communities, and actions for change. The HOPE internship will enable interns to critically think about issues that affect access to higher education as well as their identity and history by engaging in open dialogue and interactive activities. Interns will learn skills necessary for both personal and professional growth, allowing them to be more prepared to take on leadership roles within and outside the HOPE space.

Contact Information

  • Call: 310-267-4346
  • Email: hope@cpo.ucla.edu
  • Our office is located in the Student Activities Center (SAC), in Room 106D
Evelyn Tran Ngan Tran
Project Coordinator Outreach Coordinator
etran@cpo.ucla.edu ngantran1999@gmail.com