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Apply for a Board Position!

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Hi everyone!

As the end of the academic year slowly reaches it’s end, it’s time for us to elect our leaders for next year! It is your chance to be a part of a larger community and learn to be student leaders and advocates.

Applications are currently out for VSU board; they can be found here: VSU Board Applications 2016-2017

Applications are due to VSU President, Danny Pham, via e-mail at

If you are considering applying but want to know more about the position, or VSU, before doing so, feel free to contact Danny Pham or any current board member and they will provide you a first-hand take on what it’s like to be on board. Moreover, it’s a chance to ask questions and learn how current members navigate balancing student organizational leadership & academics!

Apps due for Election Part I: Executive Board
–> Monday, May 2nd (Week 6) @5PM

Election Hearing Part I: Executive Board
–> Wednesday, May 4th (Week 6) @7-9PM
–> Wednesday, May 11th (Week 7) @7-9PM

Apps due for Election Part II: General Board
–> Monday, May 9th (Week 7) @5PM

Election Hearing Part II: General Board
–> Wednesday, May 11th (Week 7) @7-9PM
–> Wednesday, May 25th (Week 9) @7-9PM

Mandatory Transition Meeting
–> Friday, June 3rd (Week 10) @6-7:30PM