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2012-2013 Email Updates

VSU’s Guide to a Zombie Apocalypse

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Help! The world is ending in 3 days! Since it’s pretty likely that the world is ending with a zombie apocalypse, the lovely staff and interns of VSU have compiled a series of 4 workshops to be your guide to survival!

[From VSU Winter All Leadership Retreat]

2012-2013 Email Updates SEACLEAR

SEA CLEAR now hiring a new Transfer Coordinator!

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The Vietnamese Student Union’s Southeast Asian Campus Learning Education and Retention Project (SEA CLEAR) is hiring for a Transfer Coordinator for Winter 2013 & Spring 2013. This is a paid position: 15 hrs/week at $10.58/hr.

We are seeking an undergraduate student who is familiar/willing to learn about issues transfer students face and its intersections with the Southeast Asian community. Being the Transfer Coordinator is a unique student leadership position in which the student manages an entire component that ultimately coincides with SEA CLEAR’s mission of 100% retention.

Job description:
• Primary point person in: transfer outreach, transfer-specific peer counseling tools and developments, development of transfer-specific programs, and maintenance of relationships with stakeholders
• Lead the Transfer Workgroup and the recruitment of volunteers
• Oversee and monitor the transfer student caseload by recording, analyzing and evaluating popular student trends within the Southeast Asian transfer student population
• Provide the necessary assistance in the development and implementation of the project’s other components as well as programming
• Counsel 7 hours per week with a caseload of 20-25 students per quarter

Ideal for students who would like to gain more experience in:
-Asian American & transfer communities
-Facilitation of skill-building workshops
-Counseling/communication skills
-Higher education
-Leadership and teamwork

Hard copy is due December 16th at 6PM at SAC 105D – in the mailbox of Caresse Vuong. Please put it in a manilla envelope.
Electronic copy is due Deceber 16th at 6pm to

The application can be accessed here. Interview times will be emailed out accordingly. If there are any additional questions, please feel free to contact VSU’s Retention Coordinator, Caresse Vuong at or SEA CLEAR’s Project Director, Layhannara Tep at or visit us in the SEA CLEAR cubicle in SAC 105. We encourage you to contact either of us if you would like to know more about the position.

Thank you,
Caresse Vuong & Layhannara Tep