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VSU Welcome Week 2011

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Beach day cancelled!

Wednesday GM location is at Tom Bradley Salon A & B ( near De Neve)

Thursday HOPE & SEA CLEAR Night is 6-8 PM


The Vietnamese Student Union at UCLA invites everyone to our annual welcome week every fall. Our welcome week is a chance for all Bruins to check out what VSU is all about and find out about what we do, as well as make new friends and get involved.

What is VSU?
The Vietnamese Student Union (VSU), established in 1977, is the official voice of all Vietnamese students at UCLA through its advocacy for the cultural, educational, political, and social welfare of the Vietnamese community at large.

Welcome Week Schedule:

Tuesday 9/27
6pm-8pm: Kick-Off BBQ @ Sunset Rec (Upper Picnic Area)

Wednesday 9/28
6pm-8pm: 1st General Mixer @ Tom Bradley Salon A & B ( near De Neve)
9pm: Social Gathering @ 515 Kelton (Meet at De Neve Turnaround @ 8:45 pm)

Thursday 9/29
6pm-8pm: HOPE & SEA CLEAR Night @ Student Activities Center, Basement

Friday 9/30
6pm-8pm: Pho Night @ Pho 999 (Meet at De Neve Turnaround @ 5:30pm)
9pm: Karaoke

Saturday 10/1
11am-4pm: Beach Day @ CANCELLED

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For more information, contact Cao (510) 501-9478