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2010-2011 Email Updates

VSU goes to UVSA Winter Formal 2011: How Sweet It Is

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Saturday, March 5 · 6:30pm – 11:00pm


Pacific Hills
23551 Moulton Parkway
Laguna Hills, CA

If you are interested in going, ask a VSU board member for ride arrangements.

The Union of Vietnamese Student Associations of Southern California requests the pleasure of your presence at the

Winter Formal:
How Sweet It Is

on Saturday, the fifth of March, two thousand and eleven from seven o’clock to eleven o’clock in the evening.

Pacific Hills
23551 Moulton Parkway
Laguna Hills, Ca

Come enjoy an elegant night with your lovely friends and/or date, at the Winter Formal!
Dress up nicely in a sleek suit or gorgeous dress, and show off your fancy ways.
Capture dozens of pictures of an exciting night.
Savor the delicious dinner of juicy meat, crisp salad, cold pasta…oh the flavors of food.
See your peers perform entertaining acts of modern dance, powerful spoken word, and soothing singing.
Let your feet and hips rock to the motion as you dance the night away.
Finally, upon leaving, take with you sweet candies of your childhood 🙂
A location full of beauty and pleasure, we would love to have you at Winter Formal: How Sweet It Is.

In plain English:
UVSA Winter Formal 2011: How Sweet It Is
March 5, 2011
7 PM – 11 PM (Doors Open at 7 PM)

Theme Colors: Chocolate, Gold, and Peach

(Before February 28th)
Single: $35
Double: $65

(After February 28th)
Single: $40
Double: $70

Be ready to provide Cash, Full Name, Drivers License Number, Age, Phone Number, and Vegetarian Option when purchasing your bid.

ALL GUESTS MUST BRING a California Drivers License to get in!
Winter Formal is open to all college students and alumni.
No outside alcohol will be allowed inside.
Cash bar: Must be 21+ and receive marking upon entry

Contact your ICC (Inter-Collegiate Council Representative) from your local VSA/VSU!

CPP: Julee Seo
CSUF: Tam Nguyen
CSULA: Nancy Truong and Annie Vo
CSULB: Ha Lieu
GWC: Ron Calbites
Mt. Sac: Davis Truong
UCI: Julie Huynh
UCLA: Dennis Nguyen
UCR: Michael Pham
UCSB: Mai Van
UCSD: Linda Kha and Linda Dang
USC: Kim Vu

We hope to see you soon!

2010-2011 Email Updates

VSU Winter Week 7 General Meeting

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When: Wednesday, February 16 · 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Where: Kinsey 1240b

Happy Valentines Day!

We hope everyone has a great valentines day. Our general meeting is once again this wednesday from 6-8pm. The theme for this week is SEA Admit weekend. As you all should know, VSU has recently started hosting an annual SEA Admit Weekend for Southeast Asian(SEA) students admitted to UCLA. We will be introducing this year’s SEA admit weekend so come learn about issues and experiences in the SEA community and how you can get involved in SEA admit weekend.

2010-2011 Email Updates

VSU Winter Week 6 General Meeting

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Date: Wednesday, February 9 · 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Location: Kinsey 1240b

Hey VSU Bruins,

Thanks for coming out to the annual UVSA Tet Festival in the OC this past weekend! We appreciate all the volunteers that came out to work the booth or just stop by and say hi at our booth. It was a fun and successful weekend at the VSU game booth.

We will be having our week 6 GM with a “Where is the Love?” theme this Wednesday. Also Valentines day is coming up so we will be having love related activities! Everyone should be finishing up midterms now so there’s no excuse to miss it!