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A Step towards greater Asian American Representation

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Goodwin Liu (Sotomayor also served in the Appellate Court). This is incredibly important since the next step up would be the Supreme Court .

Goodwin Liu is Taiwanese-American and has a historic record of socially liberal stances on political issues. He was a Professor at Cal Berkeley’s Law School, Boalt and received his J.D. at Yale University. He has published numerous articles during his tenure in favor of Same-Sex Marriage and Affirmative Action. Currently, Republicans in the Senate are threatening to Filibuster since they fear his liberalism will interfere with his decision-making as a judge–we’ve all heard this argument before by right-wingers. They cry “judicial activism” when liberal people of color are up for nomination.

This will be a huge achievement for increasing representation by Asian Americans in the U.S. Government.,0,5722070.story