2016-2017 Cultural

Calling For VCN 2017 Staff!

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36th Annual Vietnamese Cultural Night Staff

The 2016 Vietnamese Cultural Night Staff, led by 2015-2016 Cultural Coordinator Sarah Ho.

Ever dreamed of planning a large production at the prestigious Royce Hall for over 1800+ people? Well, look no further because opportunity is knocking at your door. We are currently looking for staff members to continue the special tradition of planning the Vietnamese Student Union’s 37th Annual Vietnamese Cultural Night! And this year, we are planning to bring back the Moditional Dance team, so get excited for another awesome production!

Read about the different positions and responsibilities and how you can apply by clicking here!

For more detailed information about VCN and to take a look at archives of our previous productions, please visit http://www.vsubruins.com/events/cultural/vietnamese-culture-night/. You can also visit the official VCN website at http://vcn.vsubruins.com/.

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns, do not hesitate to email VSU’s 2016-2017 Cultural Coordinator Michael Ly at vcn.ucla@gmail.com.


2016-2017 HOPE Projects SEACLEAR

Wanted: Projects HOPE and SEA CLEAR Are Hiring Staff!

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We HOPE everyone’s summer has been fantastic, and we cannot wait to welcome everyone back for another amazing year with VSU! If you can SEA that you CLEAR-ly want to be more involved with VSU’s outreach and retention projects for the upcoming school year, you might want to check out some of these paid positions listed below. What better way to help out the Southeast Asian community with a non-profit, empower yourself, AND get paid at the same time?

VSU’s outreach project, HOPE, and retention project, SEA CLEAR, are currently accepting staff applications for the 2016-2017 school year! The success of these projects is due to the hours of hard work dedicated by volunteers and community members, and without them, the projects cannot exist. Play a bigger role in the VSU space by joining these projects as a student leader! Keep reading for more specific information regarding the open positions: Continue reading


2016 Board Election Results Part 3

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Dear Members of the Vietnamese Student Union,

Thank you all for participating in the 2016 Vietnamese Student Union Elections (Part 3). To assure validity, the votes were counted and monitored by a UCLA full-time employee and Community Programs Office (CPO) Internship Director, Chidera Izuchukwu, on June 2nd, 2016 at 1:15PM. In order to be elected, contested positions require a candidate to receive a higher number of confidence votes than the opposing candidate. In order for uncontested positions to be elected, candidates must receive a confidence vote of at least 50%. The results are as follows:

Public Relations Coordinator

Austin Nguyen
Confidence: 19, No Confidence: 1 = 95% – ELECTED


Pauline Nguyen
Confidence: 13, No Confidence: 11 = 54.2% – ELECTED

Linh Tran
Confidence: 11, No Confidence: 13 = 45.8% – NOT ELECTED

Education Coordinator

Christine Pham
Confidence: 23, No Confidence: 3 = 88.5% – ELECTED

Political Advocacy Coordinator

Hoang Ho
Confidence: 15, No Confidence: 14 = 51.7% – ELECTED

Richard Nguyen
Confidence: 13, No Confidence: 16 = 44.8% – NOT ELECTED

Culture Coordinator

Michael Ly
Confidence: 26, No Confidence: 3 = 89.7% – ELECTED

Social Affairs Coordinator

Kristine Vo
Confidence: 16, No Confidence: 9 = 64% – ELECTED

Khoa Vinh
Confidence: 9, No Confidence: 16 = 36% – NOT ELECTED

Congratulations to those elected! Candidates have one week to formally accept. Elected candidates will receive a follow-up notice from the current President. If any position is not accepted, positions will be reopened for appointment.

Thank you for participating in the election process for the future leadership of the Vietnamese Student Union at UCLA.



The Vietnamese Student Union at UCLA